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black aura

  1. Fayte

    Special Move Black Aura: A Logical Q & A

    I've been noticing that this seems to be an elephant in the room in most discussions. Nobody wants to talk about it and everyone seems to think it is too mysterious. Let me answer some questions and confirm some myths so we can move on with our lives. Q: Was Yukimura holding back against Sanada...
  2. Special Move Atobe Kingdom, Black Aura and Yips

    Some doubts with this techniques. Did you remember a few moments before Atobe unleashes AK, he made all of yours shikakus disappear? It could be a technique like IN, a collateral effect of AK or another technique? About Black Aura, what really could be? Do you think Black Aura can be...
  3. Fayte

    Special Move Pinnacle of Perfection vs Pinnacle of Destruction

    Echizen's Pinnacle of Perfection vs Sanada's Pinnacle of Destruction vs Who would win? I'm going with Sanada on this one.