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  1. Arjuna

    Discussion Bloodman Official Character Discussion Thread

    Bloodman Spriggan 12 Alias Grim Reaper Curses First Seal Second Seal Third Seal All Curses of 9DG Thorn Curse It is weird Bloodman is a such a popular Spriggan yet @MLG Bradman doesn't have any thread of his own.This will serve this very purpose.
  2. Brandish μ

    Team Real Historia Gauntlet

    Remember how this was hype af... Now imagine that God Serena, Wall and Bloodman are NOT Historia's!!!! Finally we get the chance to troll Isghal with the troll bros (Wall and Serena) + the Reaper of the Underworld (Bloodman). They have a mindset to stomp all in their path. The best trio that...
  3. Doughboy

    Team Larcade & Brandish vs. God Serena & Bloodman

    Only restriction is Brandish can't blow up either of them and Bloodman's MBP can't kill them but it can contaminate them, everything else is on. Larcade's magic makes people feel pleasure until their souls are taken out but I got both of them having good mental endurance so their souls won't...