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bluenote stinger

  1. Arjuna

    Fantasy Bluenote VS Silver

    Bluenote Gravity Magic Silver Ice Devil Slaying Magic Who do You Think will win? My Take Bluenote Wins This.
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Tenrou Makarov VS Tenrou Bluenote

    Pipoco Titan Fairy Law All The Spells He has shown Bluenote Gravity Magic Who do You Think Will Win
  3. Dranzer

    Fantasy Tenrou Laxus vs Tenrou Bluenote

    The setting is on Tenrou, neither side is disadvantaged or advantaged. Intent is to kill and neither side is giving in. I personally think the fight would be incredibly close. I doubt that Bluenote's gravity would have too much of an effect on Laxus but Laxus doesn't seem to have a counter...
  4. Arjuna

    Fantasy TOH Jellal VS Tenrou Bluenote

    TOH Jellal Heavenly Body Magic Abyss Break(Featless But Erza Believed It Would Have Destroyed Tower) Tenrou Bluenote Gravity Magic My Take is That Bluenote will win This Fight Low To Mid Difficulty.He will use Gravity Magic to pin down Jellal from using Meteor and Defeat Him.
  5. Coné

    Fantasy Jura vs Bluenote

    Combatant 1: Jura Powers: Earth Magic Combatant 2: Bluenote Powers: Gravity Magic Location: Domus Flau Mindset: Bloodlusted Intel: Full Restrictions: PiS, CiS, Hype, anime feats. Scenario 1: Nirvana Jura vs Tenrou Bluenote Scenario 2: GMG Jura vs Tenrou Bluenote Scenario 3: GMG Jura vs...