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captain commander

  1. henhead

    Discussion Hitsugaya as the next "Yamamoto" in the distant future. Who would be stronger you think?

    Yama had the strongest fire Zanpaktou amongst the folks in Gotei 13 (i'm leaning towards the idea that this is so because of Yama's strong nature influencing his Assauchi to become the strongest fire-type Zan.) Anyone else think maybe Hitsugaya might become a force like Yama and have the...
  2. devstauk

    Discussion Mayurii's Arrest and imprisonment

    So i been wondering do we know for sure what he was imprisoned for? If not what are your thoughts on his crimes? Were they to do with his experiments? Was he a prisoner of war? Do you think the Recent Captain-Commander knows what his experiment is at the moment? Is Uuryu going to...
  3. Quantized

    Discussion Ichigo's role in future SS

    There really are so many possibilities, that it's sort of making one dizzy thinking about all the different possible outcomes... One has to pick one to believe in, and that is what this thread is for, what do you think will happen to Ichigo in the future Soul Society? What role will Ichigo's...