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  1. Favorites Favorite Sternritter

    Name all of your favorite Sternritters, of course, and explain why you like them.
  2. KungPaoChicken

    Discussion Coolest Bleach Character Design?

    Hey guys, I just finished reading the Bleach manga up till now and just have to say its too cool. It sucks how were left for months on this cliff hanger! :-_- But anyways I noticed Kubo takes character detail very very very carefully. His artwork is really cool. And as a huge DB/ Naruto fan I'm...
  3. Oblivion

    Question if someone's gonna die, who will it be?

    i guess someday some one or two of the characters are gonna die. so who would it be? i think maybe kenpachi is gonna die in this battle...but i so hope for ultimate pwnge :D or Inoue and so be something to Ichigo like Kotori was to Kamui, maybe Rukia? i don't think chad is gonna...
  4. Favorites Who's your favorite Bleach character?

    Like the question says, go with the flow! There are so many memorable characters in Bleach right now, this might be tough. For myself, it's Yasutora "Chad" Sato, Ichimaru Gin, Kuchiki Rukia, and Kisuke Urahara. With Kurosaki Ichigo rounding out the top five.