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divine path of the asura

  1. Kaoz

    Special Move 5 State Theory

    Alright, you can view this thread as kind of a continuation of the Asura thread, so I recommend reading that one first if you haven't already. This time I want to look at a number of states based on my favorite PoT related diagram from Pair Puri 5: First of all, let's take a look at the two...
  2. Kaoz

    Special Move Asura no Shindou

    Alright, let's finally talk about this a bit more in-depth. We don't have much to go on, but the two questions we should examine in relation to Asura no Shindou are: How can it be achieved? What are its effects? 1. This isn't really explained in the manga, so the two factors we can look at...
  3. FrostyMouse

    Character Does Irie have Asura no Shindou?

    We know that Irie naturally has off the charts (well, greater than 5) speed, mental, and technique. However, in the match against Akiba, Irie hits a shot that seems to surpass what we would normally be able to see out of him. After that, there's a different "air" about Irie, similar to what...