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  1. Brandish μ

    Conditional Erza vs Acnologia

    'The Queen of Fairies' Erza vs 'The King of Dragons' Acnologia Now before you flip that table, do read the conditions. Erza is in Benisakura - Red Pants. She cannot requip into anything else. One of her swords has been enchanted by Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. This is permanent Erza...
  2. Nomi

    Who killed Igneel?

    Hello! everyone. There's something that has been on my mind for very long and I want to share it now. As per the other Dragons and our own experience, Igneel when at his full, orginal strength could have defeated Acnologia, still he DIDN'T defeat Acnologia 400 years ago when he was at full...
  3. Canon Igneel vs Acnologia

    It is say in the manga that the dragons only have a fraction of their original power (that is why they hide on the dragon slayer's body) but still Igneel manage to fight 1-1 with acnologia and he even cut his arm... In normal conditions would Igneel beat Acnologia?
  4. kkck

    Discussion Connection between Natsu and Acnologia?

    Well, the thread is simple. Simply discussing what might be the ancient connection between natsu and acknologia. We already know natsu is END in some form or context however that does not really clarify his connection to zeref or acknologia. For a bit of context: The manga showed acknologia...
  5. FirenX

    Discussion Legendary Dragon Slayer Acnologia

    Who or what do you think is Acnologia exactly? What power does e had before turning into a dragon? What is his connection to Zere and thereforeto IGneel and maybe even Natsu? Maybe Zeref knows Natsu, because he is just a part (the ''good half'' of Acnologia himself and Zeref separated the two as...
  6. jimtors

    Question How Strong is Igneel?

    Can someone enlighten me about my question? How Strong is Igneel? He doesn't look that fire type of a dragon to me but atlas looks like a good fire dragon but how come he is weaker than Igneel?