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elite ten council

  1. Chingaruna517

    Yukihira-EIzan Shokugeki:: How would it end and why?

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum, since the latest chapter is heated up in this forum and I decide to discuss it anyway. Previously, we learned that with the combined troubles of corrupted judges and threats of Eizan's goons to the PSD, stacks are obviously against our young hero but the...
  2. MiyamotoMusashi

    Discussion Character Development Speculation Thread

    In the latest chapter, we learned that Joichiro was a Tootsuki student himself and the second seat of the Elite Ten at that. Furthermore, his real name is Saiha Joichiro, he took the name of his late wife, and he also shares a bond with Erina. Other than that, his character is still shrouded in...
  3. MiyamotoMusashi

    Discussion Elite Ten Council

    We have already been introduced to two of them, namely Erina and Isshiki, and both are very special and excellent in their own right. What do you expect from the Elite Ten in the future? Is Soma going to take them down one by one, which would be rather clichéed, or will he even be able to...