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  1. Arjuna

    Fantasy Mard Geer VS Master Hades

    Mard Geer Thorn Curse Dea Yggdrasil Momento Mori Etherious Form Hades Bullet Magic Chain Magic Grimore Law Amaterasu Demons Eye Situation 1 Hades doesn't have Heart Situation 2 Hades have Heart My Belief is That Mard Geer Wins Situation 1 but in Situation 2 Mard Geer may defeat Hades many times...
  2. Dranzer

    Fantasy Oracion Seis vs Grimoire Heart vs Tartarus

    Now I understand that this is a lot of people/demons to account for and there really isn't a way to logically get an answer because of various Time-Skips ect. But it would be interesting just on opinion. Time of the fight: Alavarez arc Place: All of Fiore (I understand it's large but there is...
  3. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Minerva vs. Kyôka

    Location: Crocus, Fiore Kyôka may use her Etherious form. Minerva is not in her demon form. Who will win and why?
  4. Arjuna

    Fantasy Mard Geer VS Ajeel

    Ajeel Sand Magic Mard Geer Thorn Curse Momento Mori Alegria Black Curse(used against erza and minerva) Location Cube I Think Mard Geer will win in an extremely difficult fight as his Dea Yggdrasil was potential City Buster and He is more intelligent than Ajeel.Only because of DES They were able...
  5. Fantasy END vs God Serena

    Who would win straight up?