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four gods of ishgar

  1. Fantasy END vs God Serena

    Who would win straight up?
  2. FirenX

    Stongest God Of Ishgar, God Serena - Yury Dreyar?

    As I said in a post of mine regarding the 10 Wizard Saints, I'd say that the Top Ranked Saint, now known as God Serena, is definitely Yury Dreyar, wich isn't great of a shock because the Dreyar Lineage consists of really powerful and capable Wizards...
  3. FirenX

    Discussion The 4 Gods Of Ishgar - The Strongest Wizard Saints

    With the new Manga release of Mavis Vermillions Past and History, I thought I will start a new threat about the 4 Gods Of Ishgar. So all the the Founders of Fairy Tail Precht Gaebolg (also known as Purehito, 2nd Master of Fairy Tail and Master of Grimoire Heart), Mavis Vermillion (The Fairy...