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hideyoshi nagachika

  1. nuur mohamed

    Predictions When do you guys think Hide will come back? And what importance will come with him

    This thread will talk about your thoughts on hide and when you think he will come back into the story. It will also talk about what you guys think he will bring to the table once he returns. Who do you guys think he truly is? Is he the enemy or friend to kaneki/oek ? And how does he know about...
  2. Byron

    Discussion Hide and his lying habit!

    Ishida confirmed, Illuminati confirmed, my whole life is a lie! And some bonus http://starfirexuchiha.tumblr.com/post/132038596820/hide-the-ace-of-spades-analysis And there is more http://sans-san.tumblr.com/post/114794719288/hideyoshi-nagachika-theories-compilation-hides
  3. Byron

    Theory Hide: the one Touka visits?

    So hello guys, I'm a new member here and I decided to join since there aren't many active forums about Tokyo Ghoul. Anyway, have you ever thought that back then when Shirazu saw Touka visiting someone at the hospital, that was most likely Hide? The last time we saw him, it was implied that Ken...
  4. Darjaille

    Discussion What happened to Hide

    Soo since this discussion was started in the ch thread, and I've been discussing about this lately too, why not have a thread for this? Last we've officially seen Hide was before Kaneki arriving in V14, last we've heard of him was CCG filling him under "missing". He most likely isn't dead, so...