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hiro mashima

  1. Sky

    Chapter Fairy Tail Spin-offs

    Discuss Fairy Tails spin off Mangas here and follow the adventures of the female Fairy Tail members, Wendy's journey and that of a young Gray as well as the founding of Fairy Tail! Ongoing Spin-offs include: Tale of Fairy Ice Trail, Blue Mistral, Fairy Girls and Fairy Tail Gaiden: Kengami no...
  2. SerpentTailedAngel

    Info Hiro Mashima's & Atsuwo Ueda's Twitter

    Looks like sharing images from Mashima's twitter got pretty popular, so it has it's own thread now. Enjoy :) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just for anyone who might care, Mashima posted gender bender images of Gray, Natsu and Lucy. Actually, he posts a...
  3. Thiagaum

    Special FT Specials (Most recent: 17/06/15 - Stone Age)

    Anyone knows if it will be translated? Any group? Anyone?
  4. barbapapa

    Hangout Fairy Tail Hangout Thread

    This is the Hang Out Thread for all Fairy Tail Fans. Like the name suggests, it is a place to relax and talk about anything related to Fairy Tail as well as ask any question about it. Please create threads to discuss more serious topics, just be sure to cross-check that an existing or related...