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hiroshi yagyuu

  1. Kaoz

    Doubles Round 1 Block D - Oshitari/Oshitari vs Nakagauchi/Yagyuu

    Doubles Round 1 Block D NameOshitari KenyaGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayOctober 15thHeight178 cmWeight64 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleCounter Puncher NameOshitari YuushiGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayMarch 17thHeight177 cmWeight63 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleAll Rounder VERSUS...
  2. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Doubles 1

    Determine the strongest Doubles pair of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  3. Kaoz

    [Round 2 - Team 3 vs Team 5 Doubles 1] Taira/Momoshiro vs Yagyuu/Krauser

    Doubles 1Taira Yoshiyuki Momoshiro TakeshiYagyuu Hiroshi Liliadent KrauserTitleSmiling Sharpshooter - Gentleman IcemanSchoolHigh School 2nd Year Seishun Gakuen 2nd YearRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd Year Nagoya Seitoku 1st YearHeight??? 170 cm177 cm 186 cmWeight??? 58 kg64 kg 73 kgDominant...
  4. Kaoz

    [Round 1 - Team 5 vs Team 8 Doubles 1] Yayguu/Krauser vs Date/Ishida G.

    Doubles 1Yagyuu Hiroshi Liliadent KrauserDate Danji Ishida GinTitleGentleman Iceman - ShihanSchoolRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd Year Nagoya Seitoku 1st YearHigh School 3rd Year Shitenhouji 3rd YearHeight177 cm 186 cm??? 189 cmWeight64 kg 73 kg??? 82 kgDominant HandRight RightLeft...
  5. Atobe the king

    Character What unexplored characters are you looking forward to?

    This new series answers no questions, it just raises a shitload of new ones... Im not even focused on my faves..I'm focused on people who didn't get enough screen(page)time or got shafted... My list (no particular order) Liladen Krauser- Im a pretty good artist and bishies are my specialty so...