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inoue orihime

  1. Quantized

    Discussion The remaining of Bleach, future as well as yet to be revealed history

    We all know that Kubo said that this arc will be large, and therefore it doesn't seem reasonable for it to end any time soon, despite how far Yhwach has gone by now. It seems the war is far, far from over, the real war with mixed alliances (Quincy/Shinigami) has only just started~ This...
  2. Question About Orihime's power

    all powers seem to be about spirit particules in bleach but i remember Orihime healing chad in the real world at some point. Does this mean her power can affect normal matter?

    Will Ichigo get romantically involved with someone?

    i am sure there is a thread about this already, and i realize this is a shounen type anime/manga just curious to see who you guys think ichigo will wind up with at then end if their will be a romantic relationship at all if there is a thread about this already moderators feel free to move...