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  1. Hermit

    Fantasy Wahl Icht vs Yura Invel

    How would a fight between these two Spriggan 12 members play out? Participant 1: Wahl Icht Magic:Weakness Magic, Alchemy Participant 2:Invel Yura Magic:Ice Magic
  2. MonkeyD-Dragon

    Team Irene and August vs All other Spriggans

    Participants : August & Irene vs All other Spriggans minus Larcade Location : Where Acno one-shot Serena Distance : 40m Conditions : The Spriggans are in a perfect formation with teamwork equal to that of Fairy Tail.Neinhart's power is equal to that of enchanted Neinhart (so that he doesn't...
  3. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Ajeel Raml vs Invel Yura

    Ajeel RamlInvel Yura The Desert KingThe Winter General Conditions: Ice Slave and Ice Lock are restricted Location: East Fiore (GoI vs Serena) Intent: To kill (no PiS, CiS) Who wins?
  4. Spirit

    Discussion Invel General Discussion Thread

    Character Introduction Series: Fairy Tail Name: Invel Alias: "The Winter General" Race: Human Gender: Male Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red Affiliation Alvarez Empire Occupation Shield of Spriggan Emissary of Alvarez Team Spriggan 12 Status Active Invel (インベル Inberu) is part of the Alvarez...