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jura neekis

  1. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Erza Scarlet v Jura Neekis

    Erza Scarlet S-Class FT Wizard, 7th FT Guild Master Re-quip magic - The Knight VS Jura Neekis 5th ranked Wizard Saint Earth Magic Both wizards are in the current time-skip X792 (Alvarez arc) Both start with the intel that they know of each other now No restrictions on magic Location...
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Ajeel Runs a Gauntlet

    Location: Tartarus' base Intel: As per manga Intent: To win Starting Distance: 20m Round 1: Kagura & Mirajane (Tartarus versions) Round 2: Kyouka & Knightwalker Round 3: Zero & Jose Round 4: Ikusatsunagi Round 5: Jura Round 6: 3 Ishgal Gods He Gets Rest and Recovers after Each Round and Fights...
  3. Fantasy GMG Jura vs Makarov

    Fairy Law is restricted. Who wins and at what difficulty?
  4. Coné

    Fantasy Jura vs Bluenote

    Combatant 1: Jura Powers: Earth Magic Combatant 2: Bluenote Powers: Gravity Magic Location: Domus Flau Mindset: Bloodlusted Intel: Full Restrictions: PiS, CiS, Hype, anime feats. Scenario 1: Nirvana Jura vs Tenrou Bluenote Scenario 2: GMG Jura vs Tenrou Bluenote Scenario 3: GMG Jura vs...
  5. Dranzer

    Discussion The Ten Wizard Saints

    So far in the current arc it is evident that the Ten Wizard Saints are powerless when put in front of Spriggan. Mainly because from what we have heard, the former Highest Rank God of Ishgal is said to be on par with the rest of the Spriggans and that Wizard Saint left the Ishgal forces and moved...
  6. goldb

    Canon Jura Neekis vs Jellal Fernandes

    A battle of Wizard Saints; one current and one former. Having previously already met in the Grand Magic Games, with Jellal under the guise of Mystogan, this rematch will allow Jellal a chance to try and best the earth magic user. The battle again is held again in the Domus Flau arena, with...
  7. Sky

    Team Sting Eucliffe & Rogue Cheney vs Jura Neekis

    The fight between the twin dragons Rogue and Sting of Sabertooth and one of the ten wizard saints, Lamia Scales Jura. This fight occurs after the time skip and is held at the Domus Flau Arena. All mages are at full strength and there is no time limit; the match is only won once the team or...