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kenpachi zaraki

  1. McNuss

    Theory Kenpachi a perfect Vasto Lorde Arrancar?

    This theory assumes that Yachiru really is Kenpachi's Zanpakuto spirit. If she is, this would link Kenpachi to Coyote Starrk. Stark split into two beings through natural Shinigamification. We also know that all Arrancar were deemed imperfect. My theory is that Kenpachi used to be a Vasto Lorde...
  2. devstauk

    Theory The 5 War Potentials

    Okay so i got to thinking and based on my theory that the 5 war potentials are based on the amount of reistu produced, being some kind of deterrent to the quincy's bankai steal/sealing process, my reason for thinking this is when Ivan couldn't steal/seal ichigo's bankai it was due to the sheer...