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kuchiki byakuya

  1. Discussion Remaining Bankai

    Bleach is in its final arc and Soon to be final fight scenes...Yet we still have some unseen bankia's lingering around..Who's gonna be next? Who's Bankia will go unseen?? Love- Bankia ??? Shinji- Bankia ??? Uraharra- Bankia?? Ichigo - New Bankia ?? Ukitake- Bankia Good Guys Cnt Die Yourichi-...
  2. Question How strong is Byakuya?

    Byakuya = A noble, a phenomenal talent, great at Zanjustsu, proficient at Kido, has exceptionally strong reiatsu even for a captain, versatile to deal with many battle situations, quick, intelligent, formulates battle strategies & adapts to situations on a fly (evident by Tsukishima's battle)...
  3. Jamil2009

    Question Is Byakuya IN LOVE With Rukia?

    Once more, GREETINGS to you all. I'm back with another juicy thread (hehehe). Though this may be highly controversial and might sound off at first instance it does seem probable at least that Byakuya really does love his kid sister. Considering that he told Sode no Shirayuki "I would kill...