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kyoto animation

  1. Light Novel Kyoukai no kanata by Nagomu Torii

    Genre: Mistery, adventure, supernatural By: Nagomu Torii Art By: Chise Kamoi Publisher: Kyoto Animation The story of Kyoukai no Kanata is set in a world where creatures from the spirit world called Youmu (妖夢, lit., "catastrophic dream") roam in the human world under human guises, and...
  2. Asclepius

    Light Novel High Speed! novels (Free!) by Kōji Ōji

    High Speed! (prequel of Free!) Title: High Speed! Author: Kōji Ōji Illustrator: Futoshi Nishiya Genre: Sports, Shounen Publication Date/Year: July 8th, 2013 Publisher: Kyoto Animation Summary: The story is a prequel of the anime Free! and happens during the elementary school time of the boys...