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my hero academia

  1. Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 74 Discussion / 75 Predictions Thread

    This is where you can post and discuss the spoilers for the next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia. 24 Hour Spoiler Rule: Mangahelpers enforces a temporary blockade for discussion of new spoilers/chapters. This blockade ends 24 hours after raws are publicly released. For series with a forum...
  2. Holt

    Info Volume Covers and Official Art Thread

    LATEST VOLUME COVER: [OBJCENTER] Ch 001-007 JP release date: Nov 04, 2014 ENG release date: Aug 04, 2015 Ch 008-017 JP release date: Jan 05, 2015 ENG release date: Nov 03, 2015 Ch 018-026 JP release date: Apr 03, 2015 ENG release date: Feb 02, 2016 Ch 027-035 JP release date...
  3. Leoat12

    Discussion Kouhei Horikoshi's Twitter Thread

    Since Horikoshi-sensei is always posting good drawings in his Twitter, I thought of creating a thread to unite all of them. First one is to commemorate the 3rd volume release! Post all images and, of course, relevant information from his Twitter here...
  4. Mankichi Togawa

    Hangout Boku no Hero Academia Hangout Thread

    Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Original Publisher: Shueisha Serialised in : Weekly Shonen Jump Genre : Shounen, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Shounen Status : Ongoing, currently 73 chapters (13.01.2016) Description & Synopsis Manga translated by: Viz Media (Official...