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ogura hisashi

  1. Agent Phrank

    Discussion Ogura Hisashi Appreciation Thread

    I thought about including this information on another thread but I figured Ogura deserved his own thread. Ogura Hisashi How does this guy know so much about ghouls? According to Shinohara, he's a "ghoul freak" who's just spreading rumours about ghouls and making the public soft or less...
  2. Agent Phrank

    Predictions Kanou's Excellent Assistant is...!

    :re chapter 44 Kanou mentioning his excellent assistant. Who could it be? Notice Albert Einstein. Who is one person who has given us a lot of information regarding ghoul metabolism and lifestyles? Ogura Hisashi (Debut Chapter 1) Mentioning ghoul enzymes and their inability to...
  3. Agent Phrank

    Theory Origin of Ghouls

    Has anyone ever wondered why Ghouls can drink coffee? Ghoul Researcher Ogura Hisashi aka Charles Darwin of ghouls: Gives us insight on some ghoul metabolism physiology: So they're inability to eat regular food is not due to a lack of digestive enzymes (an example being lactose...