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one eyed king

  1. Agent Phrank

    Predictions One-Eyed Clown Army - Kanou's New Clients

    The Aogiri Tree has been one of Dr. Kanou's most reliable clients. However, Kanou will eventually require more help if he wants to continue developing new ghoul based experiments, especially since the majority of them have been eliminated. Furuta's help won't suffice so after Aogiri is gone, who...
  2. Arjuna

    Theory Kaneki and Second One Eyed King Read this Theory.It's interesting.
  3. seizzoverow

    Discussion one eye king decision will change everything?

    after reading again tokyo ghoul : re chapter 86 i feels there something weird here,it's feels like i have seen these scene somewhere,and i found out again it was tokyo ghoul chapter 99. By linked both of the chapter i make theory. At first eto and kanou way to create the goal is same but their...
  4. Petrit Zeneli

    Theory "Ghoul Ancestors" and "Bloodlines"..."Hybrid Theory"..."Dormant Genes"

    Guy's and Gals can you take a look at this theory and let me know what you think please? Since I've been reading Tokyo Ghoul for quite some time I've noticed that Humans and Ghouls are no different from each other, but can "Dormant Ghoul genes" hide for many decades and even centuries?…I've...