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  1. Taorero

    Discussion Gaming: PC, PS4, XBOX or other?

    We all know that these days everybody plays games on any device, several people play games on the phone and that's about it. The usual gamer goes with a console, but then there is also the underrated gamer, those that play in PCs, there was a time when consoles seemed to be more powerful that...
  2. Jactor

    Games One Piece Video Game : Burning Blood

    I find it strange that nobody created this already. Its also ironic how I, a newly registered user posts this before you all. But any who, introducing the upcoming OP fighter for the newer consoles! I've actually been waiting for an actual OP fighter for a while now! Also, gear 4th Luffy is...
  3. Nuno

    Games League of Legends

    MH 5v5 EVENT SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH! 12PM EDT, 6PM EU TIME. ---------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYER LISTS
  4. BobobVanBlob

    Games Demon Souls / Dark Souls I / II, prepared to die ?

    Because well, I don't want to spam the RPG thread and well, there is no "Souls" serie thread in there, I'm creating one. Plus we have the next one coming up in a few weeks (months ?), so maybe people want a place to talk about it ? And well, did some person try the beta on the PS3 ? (I...