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power levels

  1. BLEACH Video Reviews

    hello everyone i made a video about the most 5 stronger shingami, and i need to know do you agree with me or not ? and why ? here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_mfMKMpSsY
  2. MBVC

    Discussion Strongest Shinigami in Bleach

    The strongest shinigami is the one who doesn't need his zan anymore. Ichigo reached this state briefly when he was in his 3rd form. Aizen had almost reached this state before Urahara's kidou sealed him completely. I also suspect that the strongest RG member without his zan is also a member of...
  3. Question How strong is Byakuya?

    Byakuya = A noble, a phenomenal talent, great at Zanjustsu, proficient at Kido, has exceptionally strong reiatsu even for a captain, versatile to deal with many battle situations, quick, intelligent, formulates battle strategies & adapts to situations on a fly (evident by Tsukishima's battle)...
  4. jimtors

    Discussion Is Yamamoto Weaker than the Royal Guards?

    If this question is asked or has a different thread, please guide me to it, and this one can be deleted by the admin... I just want to know... concerned citizen....:nerd