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  1. Question Ichigo's Current and Old abilities.

    Hello, helpers! I've searched throughout mangahelpers' forum and have not found an answer to any of questions. I have two really quick questions if you don't mind to help me with them. :) 1. Does Ichigo still have his hollow powers/mask? Here is my reasoning. Ever since he lost his hollow...
  2. Quantized

    Discussion Byakuya & Kenpachi ~ Rivalry, opposite characters, yet similar role in story.

    It's been a possible prediction for a good while now, but it seems that there are little next to no discussion on the area, so here we go! Kenpachi and Byakuya are complete opposites, for one Kenpachi is from the slums, and Byakuya is from the highest level of society, a Noble. Byakuya is...
  3. Black Star

    Question Will Chad Get any more powers (also attention)?

    After Full Bring Arc,Chad and his powers has been ignored.Will he get anymore powers? I also think he an underrated character.He should get more attention in the manga.Chad vs Gantenbainne was a good one but it's the only real fight Chad gets in the ENTIRE series I hope Tite Kubo gives him...
  4. Discussion Ichigo has to master his Quincy powers

    Not sure if this has been mentione before (and is its probably obvious that he will master his Quincy powers) but I was just thinking about an interesting theme to Ichigo's development. His hollow abilities reached their height during his fight with Ulquiorra, a hollow. His shinigami powers...