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quincy song

  1. Quantized

    Discussion So... how did Yhwach get to this millennia as a human? really?

    This is quite a freaky question, since as far we all know, so far, Yhwach, aka Juha Bach, is a human. He's still somewhat young/middle aged, and yet, here we are, a whole millennium later, and he's just standing there, lively as ever, as a human... Something isn't adding up. The easy answer...
  2. Immo

    Discussion 9999 song

    So from what I understand, 900 years after fight with Yamamoto, Bach got his body back, then 90 years later his memory, then 9 years later his power, and THEN after 9 days he should regain his "World" (basic logic). Now my question: Why did he say that World gonna end in 9 days from now...