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  1. Host Samurai

    Discussion The Official FUG Discussion Thread

    Since we know that there exist another organization that is against Zahards regime. I thought it's a good opportunity to start a thread about it. For further discussions, because it's a given that this organization will be more focused on, due to Baam/Viole being a member of that group...
  2. ErosVp

    Discussion Irregulars

    Irregulars are without a doubt the most exciting characters in the tower. So let's speculate, make predictions and discuss about them! An Irregular is a being that has forcefully entered the Tower without being chosen. All the known Irregulars that have entered the Tower are famous for being...
  3. Nii

    Discussion Official Rachel Discussion Thread

    Probably the most discussed character right now. She always seemed like a kindhearted person and took care of Baam for a long time so everyone was surprised when she What are your thoughts about her? Was she a cruel/calculating person right from the start or did the tower changed her...