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silver fullbuster

  1. LordOTaco

    Discussion Could Silver Defeat Tartaros?

    Something I've always wondered and decided to do a video on is if Silver could have actually defeated Tartaros on his own. Without question even as a moving corpse Silver was extremely powerful with a mere swipe of his hand he was able to freeze Natsu solid and its often implied that he could...
  2. Nemispelled

    Discussion Proven Slayers vs. False Slayers (Official Character Profiles) [UPDATED w/ New Poll]

    ** List easily subjected to change ***I do not own any of the images, credit goes to their owners Official Slayer Character Profiles Proven Slayers Slayer #1: Acnologia Type: 1st Generation Dragon Title: Proven Dragon Slayer Status: Accomplished Reason: Proven worthy of being called...
  3. Arjuna

    Fantasy Bluenote VS Silver

    Bluenote Gravity Magic Silver Ice Devil Slaying Magic Who do You Think will win? My Take Bluenote Wins This.
  4. Ice devil slayer

    Canon Gray vs silver

    Participant 1 : Gray fullbuster Ice make Ice devil slayer magic Participant 2 : Silver fullbuster Ice devil slayer magic Scenario 1 : Pre time skip devil slayer gray vs silver Scenario 2 : Current gray vs Silver Who wins ?
  5. goldb

    Team Gray and Ultear vs Silver and Lyon

    Estimated time: 5 minutes The battle ends if one of team member can't continue because badly injured Team 1: Gray Fullbuster Ice make magic Ice devil slaying magic Ultear Milkovich Ice make magic Lost magic: Arc of time Telekinesis Great at hand-to-hand combatant Team 2: Silver Fullbuster (as...