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tootsuki alumni

  1. -Ken-

    What would happen if Azami reign last until the next year?

    Well, I'm not sure what would happen in the manga, but I think it would be interesting to discuss. First of all, the most obvious would be that 4 of his elite 10 supporter would be gone. If Kuga, Isshiki, and Erina doesn't change their mind, there would be a 3:2 supporter, with Azami losing...
  2. Chingaruna517

    Discussion The Dark Regime of Azami?

    Ladies and Gentle of the forum, this is it. The dark regime of the Exiled One, Azami Nakiri is finally begin and change is certainly coming, under his rules of course. With Erina's brainwashing via 1984 style and E10 now really becaming the Exiled One's cards, one could ever wonder if anyone at...
  3. MiyamotoMusashi

    Discussion Character Development Speculation Thread

    In the latest chapter, we learned that Joichiro was a Tootsuki student himself and the second seat of the Elite Ten at that. Furthermore, his real name is Saiha Joichiro, he took the name of his late wife, and he also shares a bond with Erina. Other than that, his character is still shrouded in...