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uuryu ishida

  1. MBVC

    Theory Is the Bach of 1000 years ago (staying inside Ichigo) independent of the current Bach?

    By depending on the way how we answer this question would imply whether the two Bach are able to commute with each other, this also means that the current Bach might have known about Ichigo new power up if the one inside Ichigo gives him this piece of information. If these two Bach stay...
  2. kkck

    Discussion Why is Juhabach giving away his throne?

    Recently we had the development that Juhabach chose a succesor to his throne. Now, the point of the thread is simple, why? Juhabach seems to be a long lived fellow overall so why would he need to give up his throne at all? Is there something else to this? Now, there are a number of things...
  3. Discussion Why wasn't Ishida killed instantly by SS??

    Here we have a person who alone could destory the world (via slaughtering hollows). When you consider that 1 Menos is the equivalent of 100's maybe even thousands of hollows. SS had already tried to wipe them out once, Ishida's grand father and father it seems got away by agreeing to not...
  4. daman246

    Discussion Natural Talents and Genius Concept in Bleach

    Hitsugaya is a low class Prodigy in my Book, Ichigo,Aizen,IShida,Gin Are God Tier Prodigies You can discuss geniuses such as Gin, Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Kaien and the overall concept in this thread. - Miyagi