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  1. Jactor

    Games One Piece Video Game : Burning Blood

    I find it strange that nobody created this already. Its also ironic how I, a newly registered user posts this before you all. But any who, introducing the upcoming OP fighter for the newer consoles! I've actually been waiting for an actual OP fighter for a while now! Also, gear 4th Luffy is...
  2. BobobVanBlob

    Games Demon Souls / Dark Souls I / II, prepared to die ?

    Because well, I don't want to spam the RPG thread and well, there is no "Souls" serie thread in there, I'm creating one. Plus we have the next one coming up in a few weeks (months ?), so maybe people want a place to talk about it ? And well, did some person try the beta on the PS3 ? (I...