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  1. MBVC

    Theory Is the Bach of 1000 years ago (staying inside Ichigo) independent of the current Bach?

    By depending on the way how we answer this question would imply whether the two Bach are able to commute with each other, this also means that the current Bach might have known about Ichigo new power up if the one inside Ichigo gives him this piece of information. If these two Bach stay...
  2. KungPaoChicken

    Discussion Ichigo's new powers?

    With these new zanpakto evolutions comming into play and characters dieing, the whole power circle is shifting. I'm mainly focused on Ichigo and his new powers. Do you guys think Ichigo, now that Zangetsu is out of the picture and has full access to his powers, is powerful enough to take on 1)...
  3. DarkBankai

    Discussion Possible name for Ichigos new Zanpakutou-

    I thought it might be fun to speculate on what new name ichigos zanpaktou will have after the reforging process. I personally think that the name will remain similar to zangetsu. I am thinking that Ichigos new zanpaktou will be called Zengetsu. 1.because he will finally be at peace or (zen)...