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Typesetting 5-day TS Tute by Silver Sea


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May 18, 2007
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TSing is more than just typing, which everyone can do. That's why it takes 5 days to learn according to this tute. I'm also counting in days because I'm assuming you have 19 pages to do. ;) [EDIT] I have discovered a faster and more powerful method to train a typesetter that can replace this tute. Meanwhile, I think this tute is still useful to new-comers so enjoy yourselves, I hope this helps. ^^

The Group Process: Raw > Cleaning > Typesetting > QC

The Typesetter's Process:

Day 1: The reference RAW
Day 2: Grunt work
Day 3: Bread and Butter
Day 4: Tweaking
Day 5: Zen mastery

The most convenient way I know to refer to the RAW is to have it as the background layer in a .psd file visible by switching on/off the layers. I find it a lot more convenient than having a separate RAW to refer to and well worth its extra filesize. Even if you are solo, use the .psd system.

Layer 3: Typesetting
Layer 2: Cleaned Layers merged into one ( paint + redrawing)
Layer 1: Background

Total size for 19 pages is about 10MB


Typeset like a wo/man on fire... Wrong! Copy-paste from a .txt file.:p
I failed for the longest time, because I did not select the text tool in PS.:sweatdrop What you should do is copy the script (ctrl c) from notepad/word/internet, enter PS, choose the type tool ( T) and draw a text box. Paste (ctrl v)the text in. The font it will appear in is the last font you used in the Type tool.
Go Start> my computer > c: drive > program files> Fonts >copy-paste the font folders inside.

Go Start> Run ( bottom right margin) > type in the following command> %windir%\fonts> ok

The font directory appears:
Go File> install new font > double-click C:\windows >program files> Fonts > select the file, eg Jack Armstrong > It appears on the list of fonts> "select all" >ok

Done, your font is now installed!


After the grunt work you can embellish your script with a few key, "bread and butter" fonts.
Try to specify only 3 main fonts if you are in a group....because specifying more than 3 fonts will have your TSer MIA rate increase dramatically. KISS :sweat *Keep It Simple and Stupid. *

Bread and Butter fonts:
1. Dialogue: Wild words / Anime Ace / Jack Armstrong/ Digital Strip...
2. Shouting: Badaboom / Yikes / Damn Noisy Kids ...
3. Title: Umberto ....etc etc.

Additional embellishments:
Evil: You murderer / smudger let ...
Cute: porky / hzs cc Jim Lee ...
Handwritten: irezumi / indiestar ...
SFX : Atland Sketches ... etc
Symbols: Hearts ( custom shape tool ) and Symbol fonts.

Japanese Manga Font Conventions:

WHITE fonts denote fear
BLACK with white shadows denote fierceness
GREY fonts for thoughts
Italics is sometimes used for the unseen storyteller.
Italics sometimes used for thought bubbles.


Fine tuning the leading/kerning/scales. The "auto" leading tends to be too wide sometimes. When the type is vertical and it is too thin, try Tweak the leading( -100) And scales ( vert: 130. hor:90 ) A lot of emotions can be expressed within the same font: Aggression ( tight leading) Cheerfulness (vert. scaling) Seriousness ( kerning)

An example of the versatility of tweaking:
__"faux" bold__3 voices created by differently scaled Jack


Centering: IMO, a key method to allow English Text to embed itself into the artwork. Balance...or what I call "Silence" is achieved.
Hyphens: Correct use of hyphens to create a good bubble shape (Diamond with lots of cushion) Don't rely on the auto hyphens. Emphasize pronunciation.
[EDIT] I've progressed beyond this technique and the current rule is not to break up any words unless ABSOLUTELY neccessary. The same goes for fontsize. All effort is made to keep them unchanged unless absolutely necessary. Sorry about the confusion but I guess the fact that we evolved is a good thing ;)

Flatten > Save for web, save as png-8 > send to QC
[Try not to use "save for web" more than twice. The image will begin to look hard]
In some groups, the files are passed to the QC in .psd form, and the QC does the final saving.

Appendix A: Font selection exercise...Warning: Good for self-education said:
Page01: Dialogue
Page02: Strong dialogue + SFX
Page03: Title w/ shadow
Page04: Shouts, Screams and Exclamations w/ white fonts
Page05:Alien speech
Page06:Intense shouting and yelling
Page07: Aggressive commands
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