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Cleaning Anti-Alias Supplemental


MH Senpai
英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
Jul 24, 2006
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United States
Okay so I thought it might be useful to go a little more indepth into anit-alias verses no anti-alias. So lets start out with an image that shows some lines both with and without anti-alias.

As you can see using the line tool with the anti-alias button unchecked even when you make the line perfectly straight can cause an echo. And using the line tool with the anti-alias button unchecked while making a diagonal line looks really bad.

And here is a closeup of those lines.

This is the box you must check or uncheck to use or not use anti-alias with the line tool.

Now to show you some examples of why you want to use no anti-alias when doing straight lines. First we are going to work on some straight vertical speed lines. This is the image we are working with.

Notice that the lines are not perfectly straight. And they have anti-alias due to the scanning process. The lines are intended to be straight but due to scanning they are slightly off so we are going to correct. You can use the pencil tool (B) at 1px or you can use the line tool (U) at 1 px with the anti-alias box unchecked. The pencil tool automatically has no anti-alias but can be slightly more time consuming to use then the line tool for stuff like this.

So I am going to do this in red so that you can see the work I did. In this image I have redrawn the lines with the line tool (U)

Notice that there is a lot of the original lines that are outside of the new straight lines. We want to get rid of these lines. We do this by painting white over the original lines on the layer under the layer with the new black lines. Here we have begun to remove to the original lines.

Finish removing all the original lines and you will have a nice clean set of straight speedlines. This next image shows pretty new lines. The top two images are the lines done with no anti-alias.

The bottom two images are the same lines redone with the line tool (U) but with the anti-alias box checked. Now you can see that there is more blurring of the lines due to the anti-alias being applied.