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Article on Katamari Damacy Online


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Feb 3, 2007
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I did this really quickly as a favor to some people on another forum, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are several errors. Anyhow, seeing as how we've got at least one Katamari fan within the translators (looking at you, Yoshitsune), I thought you guys might be interested.

Original article:


WindySoft, who managed the Korean support system of Cyberstep's online game "Get Amped" and are now reaping the benefits of its huge success, announced today (1/29) that they will be making Bandai/Namco's popular action title "Katamari Damashii" into an online game.

In November of 2006, both companies concluded a contract concerning Katamari Damashii Online, with WindySoft taking up development and aiming to begin service at the end of 2007.

With a unique looking world as its concept and the characteristics of Katamari Damashii converted to an online game, the company expects that the game will introduce a new style into the casual online game market.

Katamari Damashii Online plans to preserve the characteristics of the series's releases on the Playstation 2 and PSP systems, while seasoning the new title with the elements one has come to expect from an online game, such as a competition mode and a community function.

There will of course be new stages, character costumes, and rare items created for the game. Using the objects one rolls into their katamari, the player can create their own personal island using the "House System." Furthermore, the game will adopt a "Pet System," the details of which are currently unknown.

According to WindySoft's PR agent, "We want to inherit the original game's addictive* BGM, control mechanism, and quality of the original work as much as possible, but this matter remains unconfirmed."

*(Translator's Note: The word he uses here is "very poisonous"...judging by context on a Google search, I THINK it means addictive, but I'm not positive.)

WindySoft's president Lee Han Chang commented that "We are extremely pleased to be able to develop the internationally popular "Katamari Damashii" into an online game together with Bandai/Namco Games. We are expecting that by combining the high quality gameplay of the Katamari Damashii series with the positive aspects of an online game, we will create a new game which will accrue worldwide popularity."

Furthermore, upon inquiring with Bandai/Namco Games's Japanese division, it was revealed that they have carried out the loaning and supervision of their license to WindySoft.

For some time, Bandai/Namco Games has held an interest in Korea's casual games market, which is displaying a rapid expansion. On the other hand, WindySoft, by utilizing the contents of the Katamari Damashii series which has attracted worldwide popularity, is likely aiming to give birth to a new trend in the Korean casual games market. It seems that in order to fulfill their mutual aspirations, the two companies have arrived at their current contract.

Furthermore, it is as yet undecided if the product will be released in Japan.
Whether or not the game sees a Japanese release may be largely influenced by the product's creators, WindySoft.