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Chapter 47 - The ways of truth


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Jan 27, 2006
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Some while ago at HQ

"Can is speak to you lione, it is really necesarry": asked legno. Lione suprised by the question simply replied: "feel free to talk to me when my doors are open". Legno assumed the answer was a yes, the doors were open. Legno didn't know how to start with this delicate topic. Very carefull, he said: "it's something important I want to talk to you about. Sir. It's a hidden secret that I found in this library a secret that might be usefull in our war against the earl". Lione was suprised about what legno said, and he didn't know what to say. Maybe he couldn't say anything because the words secrets, war, earl,... were all that important running around in his head. Legno continued: "it is a book I have found. A diary of a traitor among noah, referring to a person and place with a secret he passed down. A secret..." This was the moment lione interrupted him, "a traitor among noah, a secret? Excuse me, but that sounds like talking about raining when there's no signs of clouds. Otherwise said, this sounds like nonsense. Can I watch the book?" Legno took the book out of his bag, and gave it to lione. Sceptical lione opened the book. "Nothing, nothing, nothing... There's is nothing in it? No words, just blank papers. Are you joking?" Legno was suprised because of the fact lione couldn't read it. He didn't know what to think about it. Was he destined to read it, was he the only one among the HQ members who could read this? He was certain there must have been people able to read it. How could the book been in the library?

Legno replied: "sir, this is strange. I have read the whole book. And you can see nothing? Sir you have to believe me, there's a plan, a secret that can be usefull." Lione: "I can't believe it? Sorry legno, it sounds like nonsense". Legno wasn't suprised, he could understand lione. He thought by himself that he would react on the same way. Legno answered: "sir. Does it matter to believe it?", lione replied: "does it matter to believe a noah? as you say." Legno replied back: "isn't it more important to believe in me, instead of believing in it". Lione was suprised and couldn't come up with something, "and your suggestion is?" Legno: "to let me go on a solo mission, to find out"...

- Present day -

Page 5:
I was born in kanto and I was cursed in kanto, a place where the sun can't shine. I wouldn't call it blessing as my brothers and sisters say. I wonder why me? Why that birth and why that curse? Never saw the light of the sun. Doesn't have that fact a meaning. Sometimes I think to myself, if my birth wasn't the badest thing that would happen. But I will not believe that, I have been born to determine the outcome of the war. The war that the excorsists will win.

Legno closed the book. "Kanto, the first place to find out more about the secret". "Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". A finder appeared. His name was koko. It was the only demand of lione for letting legno on a so called solo mission. He had to take a finder with him... "euhm, why are you sitting sir?". "You see that road leading in the town? You walk further, I'll wait some minutes. To avoid another waiting later on". "Fine, See you later on": said the finder

- Meanwhile at HQ -

" what???? You send out a bookman, n


Nice chappie!
Unfortunately I alreayd put Legno in my next chapter so...
*deletes all traces of Legno*


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Nov 30, 2006
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Uiiiiiiiiiiih~~~ Legno's search for the secret ^__^
I hope nothing happens to him while he's there *_* muhahaha *coughs* sorry. There are many Akuma in Japan. Be careful.

So destined to read the diary of a Noah. I wonder why? There must be sth special about Legno. Well, I am looking forward to further discoveries in Kanto. ^_^
Overall, nice chapter.