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Chapter 9: Dark Chaos


Zeran took a sip of the cool river water. I'm lost... Damn it... He looked around the area. This area is so desolate there isn't even any Akuma He glanced at his two swords. I could try and fly on them. But I might get lost even more. Why didn't I ask for directions when I had the chance?
Zeran sighed and continued walking through the woods. As the hours passed the sky began to dim. After a few more steps, Zeran noticed an opening. At LAST! I'm out!
When Zeran walked out there was a vast green plain and a black tower in the far distance. Yes! I'm nearly there! Zerna drew Tengoku and Jigoku and set them gently on the ground. HE stood on top of them and the blades began to levitate along with him on top. I'll be able ot get there in no time. Then the surrounding area began to turn completly black. What the hell happened?
"I've got ya now Exorcist," a maniacal voice giggled. "How does my illusion taste?
"It could be better," Zeran said cooly. He began to descend and picked up his swords when he was safely on the ground.
"Acting tough won't help you," the Akuma snickered. "Let's see how you like THIS!"
The darkness began to slowly take color and it showed a little boy walking with his parents down the street.
"You took that form my memories didn't you?" Zeran clutched his heart painfully.
"So these are your parents?" The Akuma snickered. "Let the pain begin!"
The scenes fast forwarded to all the happy moments the couple and their son had.
"STOP THIS!" Zeran growled. "Why don't you fight me?"
The Akuma laughed. "I'm a Level 3 Akuma!!! You'd die for sure if you fought me!!!! I'm an illusion master, so I like to drive my prey to a state of cold shivering idiots because I've preyed upon their greatest weaknesses!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!"
the scene quickly changed to the couple being killed by Level two Akumas. The boy was visible underneath the table watching his parents get killed off slowly. Their screams of agony echoed in his ears.
"STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!" Zeran yelled.
"Of course I won't stop there," The Akuma laughed gleefully. "There's another person who died because of you right?"
"LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS" Zeran yelled.
The scene changed to show the same boy only a little bit older. A girl was nearby and she smiled brightly and ocntinuously talked to the boy. The boy completely ignored her. But as the scenes progressed it showed the boy beginning to open up and talk to the girl more and more. But one scene showed a group of finders talking about Akumas and how they were created. The boy and girl both heard this and understood what Akumas were. The boy told the girl not to worry.
The scene changed again and the boy was facing the girl who was now an AKuma.
"WHY??? I TOLD YOU IT WAS ALRIGHT! I TOLD YOU IT WAS FINE MY PARENTS WERE DEAD!" The boy sobbed uncontrollably on the floor. "why didn't you listen to me? why did you want to bring them back for me? I've always.... lo- The Lv-1 AKuma's cannons were now locked onto the crying boy.
Zeran couldn't watch this anymore and fainted on the spot.

A loud explosion knocked back the Level 1-Akuma and a man wearing a black and gold outfit came forward towards a young Zeran.
"Can you stand?" the man asked. Zeran nodded.
"Did that Akuma use to be your friend?" the man asked. Zeran nodded again.
The Akuma got back up and began to take aim again.
"Take these," the man held out two katanas. "these are what's called Innocence. They are the only things that can destroy Akumas."
Zeran unsheathed one and blocked a shot that came at him just in time.
"You have to kill it eventually," the man said. "It doesn't matter if that used to be your friend or not. All it is now is a killing machine. If you want to save her soul and the soul inside her, then you have to destroy her with innocence." Zeran gripped the white katana tightly.
"INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!" Zeran charged and sliced through the Level-1 Akuma. "Thank you..." 3 different voices said at once. The voices from deep within his memory. Zeran continued to cry as he remembered.
"Who did that girl want to bring back?" said the man.
"She wanted to bring back my parents." Zeran said quietly
"That's odd. Usually they do it for their own sake, never for another's." the man said. "She must've been a really pure girl." Zeran could only nod slowly.
"I see you already know about Innocence and Akumas, from a finder I suppose," the man mused. "But you have to know one thing. There are plenty of Akumas in the world. Many of them wind up like your friend. You have to know that the only way to save their souls and the souls they try to bring back is to destroy them with innocence. You can't hesitate any longer."
"Who are you?" Zeran managed to croak out.
"I'm an apostle of God, an Exorcist," the man said as he began to leave. A boy with white hair and a gloved left hand and a golden flying thing appeared in front of him.
"Are you done here master?" said the boy. The boy appeared to be around his age.
"Almost," the man turned and looked at Zeran once more. "You have a tragic past, but just because you have a tragic past it doens't make you any different or special than any others. Don't look down on other people just because you think they won't be able to understand what youve been through. Becuase, how can they understand if you never say anything to them?"

Zeran slowly came to.
"Now what scenes should I make you witness next?" The Akuma laughed gleefully.
"I've had enough," Zeran whispered.
"I decide when you've had enough little exorcist," the akuma laughed.
Zeran yelled, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" He picked up his dropped swords and shouted, "INNOCENCE HATSUDOU! Futari no Ken (The Two Swords)! Tengoku(Heaven)! Jigoku(hell)! OUGI (Final attack) Tenshi no Gekido (Angel's wrath)!" A giant ball of golden light encircled Zeran and then locked onto the invisible Akuma trapping him in golden rings.
"HEY LET ME GO!" the illusion disappeared and the plains reappeared. The Lv-3 Akuma was ugly.
"Because of what you made me see," Zeran said coldly. "There will be no mercy for you!"
"F**K YOU EXORCIST!" the Akuma screamed.
"Oni no Jizen (Demon's benevolence)!" Zeran said.
The golden rings tightened around the Akuma until...
"GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" an ear-piercing scream was let out into the night.
Zeran sheathed his swords.

After looking for some flowers, Zeran dug a hole and made a small grave for the Akuma's soul Let this pitiful Akuma's soul be cleansed. he silently prayed. He got up and took a long look at the tower far ahead of him. There is a difference between you and me Kanda. We may act like each other, and we may both even have similar tragic pasts, but... I won't look down on people because I think they're stupid and don't understand me. I know that there will always be people who understand me. Like the man who gave me these blades and also... Zeran looked up at the sky The person who taught me to love and to smile.The person who understood me and brought my smile back Zeran took out a locket and opened it. Thank you... 紫亞(Shia)... I've always... loved you... and I always will He closed the locket and headed towards the North American branch of the Black Order.
The man's words echoed in Zeran's ears. I am an apostle of God, an exorcist. Zeran smirked. I'm an exorcist too. For the sake of saving people's souls

1. Sorry this chapter took so long the internet messed up after I typed it the first time an dI didn't save it so I had to retype the entire thign again from memory. but it's done
2. Take a WILD guess as to who Zeran recieved his innocence from

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Honey, your chapter is the right length. As it takes you that long to write a chapter so be it.

Anyway, I liked your chapter because it shows that even though your character may act tough, he does have a gentle, soft side. Nice fight scene as well! When I read your chapter, it was like reading a manga in my head.

Keep up the good work! :)


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wow, amazing *O*
great details, great story, kinda sad past, great appointment of Cross xD
I love your chapter and totally agree with snooge.
Your character acts cool and it was like reading a manga-chapter. ^____^


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yea your charcter is like one of those typical manga a-holes I love it