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Chapter Eighty-Two: The Light the Darkness Snuffed Out

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Author’s Notes (Pre-reading)
Posting this one early for you, magier ^^ Aren't our readers lucky? No dgm manga but at least they are two chapters here instead :lmao

I had such great fun teasing you guys last time so I’m going to try again :D This chapter is kinda slow but it does advance the plot and I believe that it has a creepiness factor. We’ll see if I succeed… It’s a little raunchy and graphic so be aware of that. It might be pushing R but I’m just being cautious.


Chapter Eighty-Two: The Light the Darkness Snuffed Out

Part One
Memories of their earlier failed attempt to infiltrate the camp still pained Eny. Along with Lyra, the girl chased after Madeline’s orb, retreating from the ongoing battle. However, fearing ambushes from the enemies, they had moved faraway from the Noah base. Luckily they bumped into the three Finders whom Lyra and Madeline had sent earlier and their wounds were taken care of immediately. Nevertheless, she silently cursed to herself—she was so close to being reunited with Fermium, so close.

As the group rested by the river and the Finders left to scout the area, Eny watched the latest member of their group from the corners of her eyes. Belial appeared to be mediating, her mauve hair swaying with the cool breeze. She seemed like an innocent school girl but in the Bookwoman’s opinion, underneath that sweet face laid a manipulative killer. A few days ago, she had attempted to kill Madeline, Lyra, and her; now she claimed to be on their side. Such fickleness was more of a ploy than a coincidence.

The girl turned around, hoping that her comrades would share her rational and show an inkling of their thoughts. Unfortunately, she was traveling with Madeline—a nun who was trained to always keep a straight face especially in time of adversity—and Lyra—an exorcist who may be older than a majority of the people at the North American branch but acted immaturely compared to the majority. Madeline’s eyes were closed, betraying the fact that she was sleeping. Lyra was splashing in the water; her idea of bathing was definitely different from what Eny was taught.

Suddenly, she felt a splash of water. The Bookwoman stared angrily at Lyra and yelled, “What was that for?” The exorcist walked out of the water and grabbed her uniform after she had dried herself off. As she was getting dressed, she smiled and replied, “You seemed out of it. You were just staring at everyone, which is kind of creepy. I mean, you’ll be developed one day.”

Eny stood up and marched towards the woman. “I’m not thinking about puberty! For your information, I have other things to worry about.” Madeline had now awakened from her slumber and Belial turned her head in the exorcist and Bookwoman’s direction. The former guardian had still not gotten used to their daily commotion and glanced at Madeline for help. The nun just sighed and headed to her bickering comrades; it looked like she’ll be playing referee again.

“Why are you so worried? You’re still young and shouldn’t be so anxious about things… unless you have to pay for bills and think about boys. Then that’s another story,” teased Lyra. She shook her head, hitting Eny with droplets of water. This only angered the girl more and she blurted out, “I DON’T TRUST THAT GIRL!” She quickly covered her mouth and quickly looked at Belial. The newcomer turned away, looking embarrassed and hurt. It was bad enough to learn that the person she admired the most actually viewed her as a tool, not as a human being but knowing that she was not trusted was worse. Perhaps, this is what Jacques felt like when she abandoned him…

“Is that what it’s all about?” questioned Madeline. Her voice was quiet and gentle yet had a hint of wisdom and order. She looked at Eny who had a defiant look on her face. The girl before her reminded the sister of herself back in the day. She just needed guidance. Nodding her head and folding her arm, Eny replied, “She tried to kill us and now is offering her help. How could you just believe her just like that?”

Before any of her exorcist comrades could respond, Belial lifted herself up and answered, “Because they have no choice but to trust my words and actions.” She looked at Madeline and Lyra whose facial expressions implied what she had said. Eny still stared at her distrustfully; that girl had no idea what poisonous lies this enemy had told them, but whatever they were, it appeared that they had consumed it readily.

Stroking her baton, Belial continued, “I will repeat what I have told your friends. Your companions whom you have believed have perished alive but are in dangerous hands. The girl Noah called Magier likes to break her toys for fun. The Noah who can turn any living things to dusts has a lustful appetite that only young girls can satisfy.” She turned and stared at the currents at the river. It took her a few minutes to regain her composure before she could finish her thoughts.

“Your comrade—the one that we referred to as the werewolf? I’m afraid that my former lord has killed him. I witnessed his death myself and I deeply regret that I could not stop him. After everyone else had left, I stopped his bleeding but he was beyond help. I’m sorry.” She had never told anyone this last part for she had feared that hearing this event would only cause them to distrust her more or worse.

However, she felt someone place a hand on her shoulder and was surprised to see Madeline. The exorcist’s face had a sad but forgiving look and almost made the girl cry. “I won’t judge you on the past. Your present actions are more important to me.” Lyra nodded and she poked Eny’s back, causing the girl to jerk. Realizing that she was outnumbered, the girl sighed and muttered, “So what are we going to do now?”

The nun’s kind face suddenly transformed into a stern one. In a commanding voice, she answered, “We’re going to head back to the camp.” The Bookwoman gave a bewildered look. Rushing too quickly would be dangerous and downright irrational; any strategist knew that. She protested, “Why are we attacking so soon? The Noahs are expecting us and it will take us a few days to return to the camp.”

As if she comprehended Eny’s apprehension, Madeline assured her, “According to Belial, most of our comrades are alive. Since they know that our intention, they most likely will kill our friends before we get a chance to rescue them.” The nun did not dare tell her what the Finders had informed Lyra and her.

Part Two
”The Noah camp security has been modified,” informed John. “The amount of akuma has increased ten folds and their patrols around the surrounding area have spread. We’re barely out of their range.” He looked at his comrades with concern; the situation appeared grim and dire.

Madeline soaked up the news readily and questioned, “So are you telling us that this is pretty much a suicide mission?” This was what she expected after they decided to regroup though a part of her wanted to be in denial about the circumstances; she wished that it was an easy job like doing the laundry or weeding the lawn.

All three Finders nodded slowly since they realized that their leader was disturbed by the recent news. Lyra sighed and jumped off a tree branch. Hearing such somber stuff and seeing such down people made her uneasy. “Way to go, bringer of bad news!” she teased as she patted her Finder’s back. “You brought this lovely party to a standstill.”

The exorcist turned to the nun and declared, “It’s okay, Mad! It’s not like we didn’t expect this to be a breeze.” She then began to smile and winked at her companions. “Besides only the good die young.” Her Finder groaned as he smacked his head with his right hand; seriously this was not the time to be telling people these kinds of things.

Noticing the exasperated look of her Finder, Lyra asked, “Why are you like that, Downer Debbie? Will you miss me if I die?” John blushed and backed away, quickly replying, “Don’t call me Downer Debbie! And if you died, I would be dancing on your grave.” Realizing that he said something inappropriate, he quickly apologized, explaining that he did not wish any harm on the woman. However, all she did was laugh and cooed over how cute he looked when he was having another silly freak out.

“Ahem!” Madeline cleared her throat. That exorcist was hard to read sometimes. Lyra looked at her questionably as the sister added, “I do agree with him. We should not be joking around during troubled times.” Lyra bowed her head and said sympathetically, “I’m sorry. I forgot that you’re much older than the rest of us so I should have said that ‘Only the good die young with the exception of Maddy’.”

Madeline sighed in frustration. Apparently, she did not get through to that woman.

Eny looked at the woman in front of her. She was adamant and determined and maybe part of that was rubbing off onto her. The Bookwoman nodded though she was still afraid of the danger she was going to face.

“Chin up, small squirt!” exclaimed Lyra who was helping Belial pack up their bags. “After all, we did come all the way here to save a little cat.”

Part Three
The figure opened his eyes and gasped for air deeply, his breaths escaping as smoke from his mouth. In the distance, droplets of water fell to the ground, the dripping sound echoing throughout the entire room. The cold ground made the man uncomfortable and he noticed bloody clothes lying next to him.

He immediately moved his hands to his chest, recalling the assault he had endured several days ago; scar tissues covered the wound, a small indentation in his body. Flames recoiled as if someone had stabbed him again as the memory replayed in his mind.

How was he alive?

Part Four
Rinvak stared intensely at the men sitting across from her but they refused to talk. The only information that she was told was that she was to assist in their mission to track down and return the fugitive Madeline and her comrades. Nothing more, nothing less. However, even if she tried to start idle chitchat, she would only get grunts in return. The exorcist had believed that Daniel might have learned social tact during his brief stay in the North American branch but clearly she was mistaken. That or hanging around his new comrade had dampened his social skills.

“Exorcist Rinvak,” began Zane as he handed files to the girl. His deep voice and muscular figure intimidated her but her face remained expressionless. She was not going to reveal her fear to him under any circumstances. “You are positive that the renegades Madeline, Eny, and Lyra are heading east?”

As she rolled her eyes and sighed, she retorted, “Yes! How many times do I have to tell you that?” Rin was beginning to feel like a broken record and she absolutely hated it. Still, this was a small price to pay if it ensured that this blind power tripper and his puppy would not be able to find Madeline and the others. She had been purposely giving them the wrong directions to throw them off and apparently it had been working. Those idiots…

Her attitude did not sit well with Zane who sternly admonished her. “Be careful with your tone. As far as the main branch is concerned, Tabitha Brown and you are accomplices in helping a fugitive escape. I doubt that you want to be court-marital like your former leader.” Even if he could not see the girl’s appearance or actions, he could deduce her personality from her voice and he did not like it at all.

The color from Rinvak’s face fell and she immediately sat up straight. Hearing such idle threats was common (Lione had a habit of doing that) but something in her told her that this guy was serious. Daniel raised his hands and teased, “Easy now, guys! Let keep this trip peaceful.” He understood RIn’s desire to protect her friends but she was only digging herself into a deeper hole. The boy even lied to Zane earlier, stating that Rin, Lyra, Eny, and he were attacked in order to explain how the girls managed to escape. Even though Zane stated that he believed his student, Daniel had a feeling that his teacher saw through the act.

Despite his best attempts, the tension in the air still existed with Rinvak feeling her temper flaring. Unbeknownst to her, she was falling directly into Zane’s trap; the more he rattled her, the information she might be willing to tell him. “Thank you for your help, Daniel,” he praised. “It’s nice to know that someone can remain calm in this situation.”

He faced the girl and continued, “You told us that they were heading towards Plymouth. However, sources have told me that they are no longer there and are traveling with a follower of the Noah leader in this area. Now we’re a day or two behind. Are you purposely trying to mislead us?” Her eyes showed anger and annoyance. Inside his mind, Zane grinned, happily recalling that it had been a while since he broke a stubborn insubordinate’s spirit. This was going to be a challenge but using the rules for his own advantage was his specialty.

Realizing that this was going nowhere at the moment, he sighed and collapsed to his seat. Turning in the boy’s direction he barked, “Daniel! Tell the conductor that we wished to get off and go on another train that is going west. I don’t trust this brat one bit.”

Daniel looked torn; he did not know whom to help. He trusted Rinvak with all his heart but he could not dare disobey Zane. After all, he did train him and the new exorcist was grateful for that.

Rinvak shook her fists angrily, knowing that she had let her comrades down. She could have bought them more time instead of two days maximum. The girl glared at the two men, mad at both of them for different reasons—Zane for being stubborn and for trying to entrap her; Daniel for doing absolutely nothing to defend Madeline and her comrades.

Part Five
As she lay on the bed, her eyes met his, making her sick. Even though she was (oddly) allowed to move freely around in the Noah’s tent, Stephanie was watched carefully by that damn cat as if Fermium was Amaterasu’s personal guard dog (or in this case, cat). To her disappointment, he was a pretty good guard; every attempt she had made to escape or to injure her captor had been foiled by the feline, making her question his loyalty to his original owner Eny.

“Fermium, Fermium,” the exorcist pleaded as she tried to pet the cat. Maybe showering him with affection and love would result in his help. After all, he was practically her only companion; no one except for Amaterasu was permitted to see her. Unfortunately, the cat just purred and jumped onto a dresser a few distance away as if it was purposely taunting her. Stephanie clenched her teeth in frustration and threw a pillow at it. If she ever escaped, she swore that she would personally buy Eny a dog.

The girl heard the tent flap open and she felt her heart sunk. Fermium leapt from his perch and rubbed the leg of his new master affectionately. Amaterasu smiled and patted his head. As he lifted the cat up, he asked, “Why don’t you ever greet me this way, girl? This cat shows me more love than you ever have.”

The Noah dropped the cat onto the bed and moved towards his trophy. The beads on her short, white minidress sparkled in the light that managed to come through the tent. Sensing what was able to happen, Fermium meowed and quickly ran out of the tent.

Without looking at him, Stephanie snapped, “Because I hate you.” She tried her best not to shiver as she felt him moving closer, his hands stroking her long, black hair. As he wrapped his arms around the girl, he whispered, “You shouldn’t say ‘I hate you’ to someone you’ll be making love to.” Amaterasu brought her closer to him and began kissing her hair, slowly making his way towards her face.

Stephanie squirmed and tried to move his hands away from her. “Don’t touch me,” she hissed but it only caused him to chuckle. He pinched the skirt in order to move it up and whispered, “Why? You didn’t complain last night when I held you. In fact, I believed that you had a fit when I tried to move away.” Hearing no response, he squeezed tighter and continued, “Admit it. You like this attention.”

Amaterasu flinched as he felt her nails digging through his clothed gloves. He thought that he might have successfully broken her but apparently she still retained her rebellious nature. “I said, ‘Don’t touch me,’” she retorted as she turned to face him. Her hatred reflected off her face; thoughts of the things he had done to her, what he had forced her to do flooded her mind, sickening and enraging her.

The Noah just smiled; she still hadn’t slept with him but torturing her slowly was still gratifying. The exorcist was bound to give in any day now. Outbursts like this only solidify his view. Placing his finger on her lips, Amaterasu slipped, “I forgot to tell you. Your werewolf friend has passed away. Apparently, my brother decided that it had served its purpose and got rid of it. Such a shame! I—I mean, you could have saved him but you just had to be so selfish and proud.”

He admired her shocked expression as she mumbled, “You’re lying. You’re lying” over and over again. The girl had entered a state of denial that amused him yet he figured that it would work in his favor if he brought her out of it. The Noah reached into his pocket and pulled out a bloody silver button, placing it in her hands. “It does have your friend’s name on it, doesn’t it?”

The exorcist stared at the token her captor had given her. “FLAMES” was etched into it though the matted blood made it almost illegible. Her mind was racing, debating whether he was telling the truth, what she should do when she felt someone wiping her eyes, snapping her out of her thoughts. Was she really that emotionally fragile?

“Don’t cry, my dear,” soothed Amaterasu. “Girls don’t look pretty when they’re crying. Let me console you.” He placed his lips over hers and surprisingly, she responded as her hands ruffled his blond hair. Perhaps it was the isolation or maybe the girl herself had an appetite for flesh as well. Or she was planning something devious. The Noah decided that it was best not to ponder or to complain about it though; he had been waiting for this day for a long time.

He wrapped his arms around her as he caressed her hair. Her heavy breathing enthralled him as he kissed her neck. The girl’s hands were scratching his back, pulling him closer and he could have sworn he heard her say his name. Amaterasu lifted himself up and cupped her face. Her eyes contained lust and determination, mimicking his own thoughts and she arched her body towards him.

“Amaterasu,” Stephanie cooed as she bit his ear teasingly, “I know what I have to do in order to ensure my survival. My main purpose is to entertain you so please let me.” He chuckled as he uncrossed her legs, moving up her thighs. “All right then,” he whispered. “But only because you insisted.” He applied pressure to her hip, causing her yelp softly.

“You’re hurting me,” she muttered as her nails clawed into his skin as if she wanted him to experience her pain. Amaterasu stroked her cheek and assured her, “You seem like the type who would like it rough. The first time is painful but you’ll learn to enjoy the pain.” His lips locked hers and began to move down. The Noah liked her taste and smell; he wanted more.

As the boy ravaged her body, Stephanie moved her right arm towards the top of the bed. Earlier when Fermium was not paying attention, she had hidden a knife that Amaterasu had left carelessly around between the bed head and the mattress. She had planned this attack for a while but she had to wait for the perfect opportunity. This appeared to be right moment and if she had to consummate the act in order to succeed, she was willing to do so. Blade would forgive her for this transgression, wouldn’t he? However, it was hard for her to concentrate with all this movement and deep inside, she didn’t want to admit that part of her was enjoying it. Damn hormones…

The exorcist felt someone hold her right arm down but she managed to break free from his grasp. She felt her dress unfastening, causing her to search more franticly and forcing her to make her body numb. Where did she put it? Stephanie pushed the Noah off her and rolled on top of him. Amaterasu laughed and asked, “Why did you do that for?” He began untying the back of the dress.

Looking past the boy, she whispered, “I was just trying to make things easier.” After she had located the helm of the blade, she leaned over the guy, her breath reaching his face. She gave him four little kisses as her arm moved towards her objective. When she had reached it, Stephanie quickly brought it behind her.

Amaterasu pushed her off and licked her neck. He was quite pleased with her especially since he was the one who captured her himself. Rubbing her abdomen, he casually mentioned, “If anything good comes from this association, we could name it Blade.” He kissed her clavicle and held her tighter despite her moaning; she was going to be his quite soon.

Hearing him say Blade’s name enraged Stephanie and as she felt the Noah’s lip move towards her heart, she drew her weapon, aiming it at his vulnerable neck. Unfortunately, her target moved, causing the knife to only graze his face. Sensing her treacherous actions, Amaterasu grabbed her wrist and twisted it until she left go of the blade.

After knocking it beyond her reach, he turned his attention towards the girl. Her chest was rising in rhythm with her panting; her face wore an expression of frustration. Even though she appeared defiant at the moment, there was no way she could have imagined the feelings racing in his head.

As his hands yanked her hair, Amaterasu’s body began to stiffen as if he was going into attack mode. He squeezed her cheeks, forcing her to look into his eyes; they no longer had a lustful look but carried a hint of rage and murderous intent. As he looked down at the girl’s body, his cold voice echoed in the room. “I thought we were making progress.”

His skin darkened the bloody crosses lining along his forehead. He began removing his gloves and whispered, “I wonder how I should punish you.”

Part Six
The table was wonderfully set and the guests were trickling into the tent slowly. Yet, Jacques was displeased by the fact that it appeared that some people—more like someone—were taking their sweet time, delaying the meal. He noticed his sister squirming in her seat and reproved, “Stop doing that! We’ll be eating as soon as our brother arrives.”

Without looking at him, Magier stopped immediately though the reason for her unease had nothing to deal with her hunger or her stupid brother. Gabrielle had taken her seat next to Jacques and much to the girl’s displeasure, that bitch had placed her hand on her lord’s knee and had begun slowly rubbing it. The guardian’s face was full of glee as she realized how uncomfortable the female Noah was. She was such an easy target.

Even though Gabrielle’s action was disturbing Magier, the girl was more troubled and confused by her brother’s actions. The event that had transpired the previous night was quite random and out of character. What she and Jacques did was morally wrong between two siblings. What made it worse was the fact that her brother was a priest—a man swore to abstinence. Such an oath contradicted their night of forbidden passion and a part of her felt ashamed and dirty. Yet, the girl had no regrets about their act but it appeared that Jacques might have had second thoughts. He had been acting like nothing happened, which stunned the girl. At the moment, she could have sworn that she still felt his hands crawling along her body and began craving his touch again. Jacques was hers, not Gabrielle’s now even if he did not acknowledge this.

A few minutes later, the final guest had arrived and took his spot at the opposite end of the rectangular table. “It’s about time you got here,” muttered Magier as she dangled her knife carelessly. Amaterasu appeared offended and snapped, “I don’t see why you would care what time I arrived. As far as I know, I’m seated so far away from the rest of you, I can’t even see you.”

He turned to face his sister who was sitting on long side of the table; being between her two brothers left her in an undesirable position especially since she wanted to sit somewhere else. “Not that my complaints are your concern; for all that I know, you only love him.” Before she could respond, she heard someone slamming his fist onto the table, ending their bickering.

“Enough, you two,” scolded Jacques coldly, his skin was darkening in response to his rage. “Though you drive me to wit’s ends at times, I hold you in high esteem. Placement doesn’t matter.” Hearing these words made Magier’s heart leap and she quickly stuck her tongue at Gabrielle who shot an ugly look back at her.

“Calm down, my lord,” spoke the guardian who continued to stare at her rival. “Your brother has a healthy glow to him so in a way, asking him to come to dinner has ruined his fun.” She turned to look at boy who appeared surprised by her casual observation. “Am I right, Lord Amaterasu?”

Caught off-guard, he quickly nodded; there was no point in denying the fact that Jacques’s invitation came at an inopportune time. He noticed his brother’s disapproving look and knew that he was going to get yelled at soon; the boy was used to hearing such things from the priest, the Earl, and whoever felt like guilt-tripping him (unsuccessfully, of course).

“You’re supposed to be torturing her, not playing with her, Amaterasu,” began Jacques as he poured himself a cup of wine. Everyone was eating in uneasy silence; no one wanted to set him off. The castigation would be unbearable. “Your sister and I have done our parts to make our guests’ stay unbearable and unwelcoming but you have instead adored her as if she was a goddess.”

“You even dress her up yourself,” mumbled Magier, her eyes widened as she recalled the happy scene of the girl and her trophy together. She immediately stabbed her meat with a fork; how could her stupid sibling mix his bloodline with that of an exorcist? Disgusting!

In blatant disregard for décor, Amaterasu placed his feet on the table and sighed loudly. Rolling his eyes, he realized that his idea of corrupting innocence departed greatly from that of his brother who preferred the exorcists’ weapons. “You actually believe that it doesn’t pain her every time she has to give herself to me everyday? I must admit that she is probably receiving the best treatment out of all our guests; she is getting some satisfaction during her ordeal.”

He noticed the guardian on Jacques’s left shrink back from the table and laughed. “Do you feel uneasy knowing what I have done to your former comrade, boy?” Uriel lunged forward, his abdomen hitting the table. How dare that insolent brat accuse him of having pity towards that scum of the Black Order? The guardian had worked hard to get into Jacques’ favor and to seat beside him.

The redhead shot back, “Do whatever you want to her in your chambers but I rather not hear your sexual exploits at the table.” From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at his lord, hoping that his answer did not displease the Noah. The boy was afraid that Jacques might have known that he had witnessed the game he and his sister were playing last night. As a member of the Bookman Clan, he felt obliged to record history particularly that of his master. However, what he recorded last night shocked him, making him wonder if it was best to document it and if he should leave the priest alone with his sister.

Jacques eyed his follower carefully and asked, “Is that how you feel, Uriel?” The boy nodded and looked away; he was beginning to think that he had given the wrong response or that he had given away the fact that he was lurking in the darkness. Instead, the Noah chuckled and replied, “I’m glad someone else feels the same way.

“Though your behavior is unacceptable and mimics that of our dearest sister Anlen, there are more important matters at hand,” he continued. Magier sighed in relief, knowing that her brother had officially calmed down. She looked towards her problematic brother who was smirking as if he was claiming another victory. The girl had a strong desire to slap him in order to wipe that smile off him but that would require touching him—something she did not want to do.

“Why are you comparing me to her?” asked Amaterasu. “I actually liked how free-spirited she is so such a comparison is a compliment to me.” He was hoping that this would piss Jacques off some more but to his dismay, his brother ignored his comment.

“Boston was supposed to be destroyed some time ago and yet, the city still stands. We haven’t heard from her in a while so I’m just hoping that she was just delayed or is planning to surprise us by actually doing her job,” the priest remarked. He comprehended that his brother was like a bad dog; ignoring unacceptable actions would eventually discourage them from occurring.

“Also, our companions in Plymouth have been attacked and defeated,” he continued, turning his head towards the empty chair next to Gabrielle. “The Black Order has caught us off guard when they attempted to rescue their friends earlier this week. And one of my angels has fallen from my grace and seems to be traveling with a group of exorcists. At this rank, they will be coming back in a few days.”

Part Seven
His eyes turned dark and his voice carried a frightening tone. Amaterasu noted that his brother was serious when the bloody crosses dotted Jacques’s forehead. He was so engrossed with himself and his problems that he didn’t have the slightest idea what had been occurring around him. Still, he did not blame himself in his lack of observations; after all, his siblings should have informed him. It was never his fault.

“I can’t believe that some exorcists have riled you up, Jacques,” commented Amatarasu with a stone face. He didn’t want anyone in the room to know that his feelings had been injured by their lack of respect towards him; it would only please them more, especially her. “How many of them were there? Ten? Fifteen?” He hated getting information in this fashion but at this moment, it appeared that this was the only way he could get it.

Rolling their eyes, members at the table glared at the Noah. Was he really an idiot? Everyone including those followers who were not involved in the brawl knew about the blotched rescue attempt. No one gave a response immediately, each pondering whether if Amaterasu deserved to be in the know. After a few minutes of awkward silence and shifty looks, Michael sighed and answered, “There were three females. Two are adults while the other is merely a child. One of the adults is the one Uriel had tortured at the exorcists’ headquarter while the other one is new. I don’t recall seeing a woman with pink hair during our assault. The child appears to want your ugly cat and may be a member of the Bookman clan.”

Hearing that last sentence got the boy intrigued, his eyes suddenly widening. A small smirk appeared on his face and he absentmindedly inquired, “So if they do attack and fail, can I keep that one?” He recalled their first meeting in the underground tunnels of the Black Order, her stunned reaction to the cat’s red bow. She seemed like the type of girl who would submit herself just to ensure the safety of anyone particularly that of her pet unlike some other girl. Additionally, he had to punish her for that surprise attack she did to him during their fray. Besides, once he was through with his current prisoner, Amaterasu would need a new one to play with; there were too many fish in the sea in his opinion.

“I refuse to let that happen!” screamed Magier as she stood up, her fists slamming the table. The dishes rattled while some food spilled onto the surface due to the commotion. Everyone became startled by such an outburst. It was rare for the Noah to get worked up over such a silly inquiry. “Even if she is with the Black Order, no child should be subjected to Amaterasu’s abuse. Besides, he has done absolutely nothing to justify his getting a new toy. I should be the one to break her; after all, look at what I had done to the Bookman. He’s practically wrapped around my fingers.” The memories of their earlier torture session were fresh in her mind, the screams still lingering. They were like music to her ears.

This only caused her brother to scoff, muttering under his breath, “With my help, of course! If it wasn’t for our trade, you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this deed.” First, he was out of the loop concerning the surprise attack and now his sister was taking complete credit for something that he helped with; this blatant disrespect was becoming too much for Amaterasu.

However, his complaints were ignored once again as the guardians joined into the debate. “Don’t forget about us and our contributions, Lord Jacques,” begged Uriel as he grasped the left arm of his master. “We have proven our loyalty and devotion to you so let just enjoy in the fruits of our future victory.” Michael looked at the Noah pleadingly. Since they had killed the werewolf, they did not have anything exciting to do; torturing and eventually murdering another exorcist would appease their needs for blood.

Gabrielle smiled and said in a seductive voice, “Let the children have their fun. We adults can enjoy our games.” She grabbed his right hand, kissed it, and placed it onto her chest, successfully getting a raise out of Magier. The guardian quickly winked at the girl. Two points to me, none for you, she thought wickedly to herself.

Jacques looked at the woman and smiled. He had to try his best to suppress his dark urges at the moment, knowing that if he didn’t, Amaterasu would have ammunition against him. Besides, he did not want her to know that he had someone else to fulfill his corporal wants and desires. He carefully removed his hand from Gabrielle’s heart and announced, “I haven’t forgotten you, my ‘friends’.” These tools were still useful and mollifying their requests would make happy workers.

“But leave Belial to me so I can deal with her personally.”

Part Eight
As he swirled the bottle of wine, Amaterasu thought about what had occurred a few hours ago. Dinner was boring as usual but most of his brother’s ideas of family togetherness were. But the urgency of Jacques’s voice conveyed the message clearly—the priests of the Black Orders were coming to rescue their friends. If he didn’t act or prepare soon he could possibly lose his treasure. Why wasn’t he informed about the earlier attack? It seemed like his siblings were purposely trying to isolate him from them.

He began laughing uncontrollably, the alcohol intensifying his emotions. It was best if his toy didn’t find out about the news. Giving her hope would just create a more difficult living arrangement him—and his cat. It was bad enough trying to tame her under these circumstances but if she ever found out, it would completely ruin any chances of breaking her.

He recalled how angry he was at the girl and how tempted he was to kill her earlier today but something prevented him from doing so. As he towered before her, he realized that she would have wanted to die rather than submit herself to him; why should he grant her wish when keeping her alive under his control was torture enough for her?

Ironically at that moment, an akuma barged into the tent, declaring that his brother had desired another pointless family gathering. Thinking that he had entered in the middle of a tryst, the akuma immediately looked down at the floor and apologized, leaving immediately afterwards. Amaterasu couldn’t blame him for his rational; their positions on the bed and the mess on the floor would have left that impression on anyone.

He left immediately after that, dressing in a huff. The girl quickly sat up, holding the covers close to her body that reeked off sweat and saliva. Without looking back, he curtly spoke, “Don’t bother getting up.”

Feeling a bit dizzy, he leaned against a nearby tree. The alcohol was working its magic. He had sneaked a bottle away from Jacques after dinner and decided to go for a walk. Amaterasu was hoping that leaving the camp and the wine would clear his mind, allowing him to come up with a plan. He couldn’t admit to his siblings that they were right about him; he was a failure but it wasn’t entirely his fault. It was not like he had known that the girl was a member of Jacques’s abstinence only club.

Part Nine
The boy lifted the wine bottle against the moon. Such a shame that it was half empty, he thought. Yet, he admired the blood red color of the liquid; its sensual hue seemed to call out to him, trying to give him a hint on what he should do. He always believed that white didn’t suit her. However, he didn’t have the will to force himself upon her which he thought it was odd since aristocrats in the past had committed such an act. The Noah had no problem beating the girl but for some reason, he couldn’t do that.

Despite the fact that he knew that drinking more would leave him more inebriated, he took another sip. Thoughts of his sister entered his minds, making his stomach feel sick. Throughout the dinner, Magier kept flashing Jacques coy looks, mocking him as if she was in on a little secret. What was she trying to tell their brother? The boy wanted to hurt her so badly but he couldn’t do so in front of Jacques. His brother would have killed him even though they shared a familial bond.

Amaterasu’s paranoia grew each time she leered at him. He silently cursed that akuma since he believed that she must have blabbed to her mistress about his unsuccessful attempts to defile the exorcist. If she hadn’t told her sister that she was still pure, he could have at least tricked her into believing that she was no longer a virgin. It would have been life a lot easier.

Amaterasu quickly brought the bottle to his lips and gulped the last bits. It felt refreshing to him, giving him a false sense of courage and energy. Perhaps this walk wasn’t in vain; he knew what he had to do now.

He got up and headed back home though it took a lot of concentration to coordinate his movement, almost causing him to regret drinking that much. Thought they may be super human compared to everyone else, Noahs themselves are not immune to alcohol it seemed. However, there was no point in being lamenting decisions that have already been made.

Part Nine
Fog was slowly rising from the ground, seeping around the tents giving the camp a haunted and dead look. Sounds of crickets and a drunken man’s stumbling broke the silence though no one was awoken from the noises. The akumas parted once they saw the Noah approaching, fearing the retribution they would receive if they attempted to help him. The bitter breeze felt good to Amaterasu; despite the cold, he felt hot due to the alcohol that was flowing through his body.

Arriving at his final destination, he opened the flap and entered his tent. The room appeared exactly as he had left it with minor differences. Fermium had returned and was lying next to the sleeping girl who was holding it close to her for warmth. Nevertheless, her body still shivered from the autumn air.

The Noah dropped the empty bottle to the ground, alerting the cat of his master’s presence. Fermium twisted out of the girl’s grasp and rushed over to greet him. Unfortunately, Amaterasu brushed past the feline as he made his way towards his bed.

Most of the time, the girl would stay awake until he had return, afraid of what would happen to her if he caught her defenseless and vulnerable. However, it appeared that sleep got the better of her this time. Much to the Noah’s dismay, the dress barely covered her body though it did show wear and tear. She appeared to be tempting him as she slept unprotected to the coming danger.

Amaterasu crawled under the sheets, placing his body over hers. She stirred a bit which halted his movement for a while but she didn’t wake up. He hiked her skirt up as he pressed against her hard, causing her to groan. This only encouraged him as he wrapped his arms around her. The girl did promise that she would please him; he was just making sure she kept her word. Besides, the boy thought as he laid his lips onto hers, he had been patient long enough. He deserved a bite.

Author’s Note (Post-reading)
So I decided to end it with a cliffhanger just for the fun of it. I can be so cruel. I try to add dimension to Amaterasu and his personality but I think I only succeeded in increasing his wickedness and horniness. But he is a teenaged boy, right? -_-;

And because he is self-conceited and self-absorbed, he doesn’t realize that Jacques is no longer a priest. As far as he knows, his siblings are conspired against him even though they are planning their own version of forbidden love/lust. Wallowing in self-pity and paranoia will do that to you.

I included a hint of Blade torture but I think it’s best if magier or ds writes it.


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Wow I'm the first post. Great job snoogen. It was a great chapter. So I do the next chapter. My first chapter! I can't wait! Well great chapter
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A teenaged boy, huh? Indeed. Quoted for truth.
Amaterasu is such a cruel boy but this cliffhanger is even crueler. What do you want to tell us...that he finally slept with her?
Whoah, snooge....our chapters are really...hardcore. We're really bad girls. Muhahahaha :kukuku

"she wished that it was an easy job like doing the laundry or weeding the lawn."
<- what a metapher :rofl

I love the character's interaction. And don't worry if you think your chapter proceeds slow. We almost have a whole volume fighting scenes. Moreover, even exorcists and Noah need time to rest.
The family dinner beats it all. Brilliant! I really wait for the day when Jacque will jump off his chair and hit Amaterasu in his face. xD

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\What do you want to tell us...that he finally slept with her?
Whoah, snooge....our chapters are really...hardcore. We're really bad girls. Muhahahaha :kukuku
it's a cliffhanger for a reason. and yes, we are truly naughty girls

"she wished that it was an easy job like doing the laundry or weeding the lawn."
<- what a metapher :rofl
anything is easier than going into the noah's camp though i loathe doing the laundry and weeding the lawn.

The family dinner beats it all. Brilliant! I really wait for the day when Jacque will jump off his chair and hit Amaterasu in his face. xD
that day will come... eventually :kukuku