Chapter Review: Black Clover (224)

Black Clover - Chapter 224 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: You are cursed

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with Yami educating us on Heart Kingdom's security at their borders after his members that went to collect information have returned,most of them anyway,and reported their newly gained knowledge to him. Apparently Heart Kingdom cannot be entered at one's leisure as the Country has unique Trap Spells set out around their borders,if any of the traps are set off then the Country is immediatly aware of it's trespassers and will brand them as criminals to hunt down. If the Black Bulls try to invade,which is impossible even with Rouge's Power according to Vanessa,they could potentially cause an international incident between Clover and Heart. Just as he finishes his lecture Noelle mentions that she remembers Mimosa telling her that she has been to Heart Kingdom before due to Nobels being allowed into the country for abroad studies,as Yami hears this he immediatly orders Noelle and Finral to head over to Golden Dawn Headquarters which is convenient for Finral since he appears to have some business over there and because he can finally escape the "Eat and recover Mana"-Hell that Charmy and the others put him through during Yami's lecture. The scene switches to Golden Dawn Headquarters where Vice Captain Langris is being informed by Finesse about what happened while he was possessed,she also tells him that it was Finral who saved him. Something that angers him as he still doesn't appear to be fond of Finral,and speak of the devil,said Finral is now entering the room.

As Langris see's his brother for the first time since the battle again,his doubts and regrets just flood out of him,he pities himself for attacking their King,the destruction he's caused,losing to Asta and most importantly: Almost killing Finral,his flesh and blood brother but that's not all. He also feels ashamed for being saved by that very brother he constantly mocked,despite Finral trying to console him Langris keeps on venting his frustration,he heard of Asta's Trial and he just can't believe how someone like Asta nor Finral can always take on such heavy burdens when they're constantly doubted by everyone. He won't let Finral get ahead of him,never,Finral accepts his challenge because he too only came to make it clear to Langris that he will not let himself get surpassed over and over by him but that he will begin to work and improve as much as he can in order for their Father to acknowledge him as the next head of the Vaude Family and also...because he wants to become a man that can make Finesse happy. Hearing this makes his bride to be blush as Finral asks her to wait just a little longer while he becomes someone to be proud of,she accepts and tells him to hurry it up with that while smiling brightly at him. As Langris witnesses this he asks Finral for a man to man talk,they tell Finesse to wait in the room for their return with the former reassuring her that he isn't planning to murder his brother now. As Finral wonders what might be going on he is told by Langris that he can't make Finesse happy the way he is at the moment because...

As he is about to reveal why they're interrupted by 2 arriving Female Golden Dawn Members that seemed to worry about their Vice Captains condition,as Finral lays eyes on them he immediatly tries to ask them out but as they respond with silence Langris lashes out at him,he has to be cursed otherwise he wouldn't become such a playboy everytime when he just met a new girl. Shocking for Finral who just realizes that he can't go and marry Finesse and then try to hit it off with other random girls at his leisure,he needs to stop flirting otherwise he won't be able to just focus onto Finesse as the Woman in his Life. Langris walks away while telling Finral to break this bad habit otherwise he'll marry Finesse before him,he won't let his Brother find happiness that easily.
Meanwhile Asta and Noelle are engaged in a conversation with Mimosa who confirms to them that she has been to Heart Kingdom alongside her Brother Kirsch when she was 13,they were only allowed to move within a restricted area but she found it very educational as they have Magics and Techniques in Heart that you won't find anywhere in Clover. That paired with it's beautiful Nature makes Heart Kingdom a rather peaceful place which makes it hard to believe for Mimosa that a curse and possibly a devil may lie at it's very roots,Noelle wonders if this could lead them to the devil her mother had to face once before,meanwhile Mimosa continues telling them of her trip.

Apparently the leader of Heart Kingdom is an all knowing Mage,powerful enough to take Clover's entire Magic Knight Military on by herself and to top it off she is a Princess. Something that impresses and scares Asta since she reminds him of the Witch Queen and remember his last encounter with her wasn't,bar her healing his arms,not too good. But they won't go there to fight,they'll go there to investigate and nothing more,Mimosa will take care of the application to enter Heart Kingdom for education purposes while the others will go to prepare for the journey. Said and done,a bit later(seemingly),the group of Asta,Finral,Mimosa,Noelle and Secre who transformed into her bird form heads off to Heart Kingdom per boat and is already close to approach their destination. While Asta is celebrating their new adventure,Noelle reminds him that they're not going there for the fun but to work while Mimosa apologizes for not being able to register more visitors than the 5 of them. Next to them Finral is having a mental struggle as he realizes that besides Asta there are only girls with him,all girls that's previously tried to hit on before no less,he makes up his mind: From now on he will only have eyes for Finesse and will not give in to anothers temptation anymore. As the mist around them thickens Mimosa eases their worries as this is nothing but the Princesses national defense line as a figure of speech,the mist will only allow to enter who has been given permission to by her.

As it clears up our heroes are in awe as a beautiful landscape reminiscent of a jungle,a watefall and a mayan settlement mixed together appears in front of them. So this is Heart Kingdom!. Meanwhile at another place we can see a mysterious figure sitting on a throne watching our heroes enter per unknown means,appears to be female(You guessed it right most likely,this is the mentioned Princess of Heart Kingdom...),she mentions how she has waited for Clovers Devil to enter her Kingdom and that she'd love to aquire his powers soon. Behind her we can see a mysterious,apparently magical,being watching over her...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

I'm glad that we're getting to see Asta alongside both Noelle and Mimosa for this trip. They're a fun trio,nice chemistry i think and they're sure to make for some interesting developments although i believe Mimosa is only there to let her keep some relevance and have her stay in the race for a ship with Asta(Even if we know it won't happen...) But it was nice to have her be the one to organise it all. Did not expect Finral to be there too but it makes sense,now he can try and make his promises a reality that he gave Langris and Finesse. A pretty strong moment for his character i found,he's also convenient to have in case something goes south over there due to his Spatial Magic so he can escape and get help or alert Julius. This Princess is probably the source of the curse,or rather,the being behind her that is most likely possessing her. But damn is she powerful if she can take on the entire Clover Magic Knight Military,not even sure if Julius at his peak could've done that to be honest. I'm looking forward to the next chapters,they'll be exciting for sure. Till next time everybody!!!

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