Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (105)

Tokyo Ghoul:re 105 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After a few weeks that could be called slow this chapter was certainly refreshing. It had just that right amount of “oomph” to kick off the upcoming Lab Raid Arc in earnest. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:

  • The Clowns explosive attack on the Valentines Parade
  • Uta and Nico’s appearance outside of the CCG Headquarters
  • Furuta taking full authority away from Matsuri
  • The inauguration of the new S3 Squad
  • Kaneki’s fantastic entrance

Chapter Title: “Stage”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. 105’s title was a nice little gem in my own opinion. It fits the chapter itself nicely as it is “setting the stage” for the upcoming arc.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre:

The chapter introduces us to a curious and twisted rendition of the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929. However, this being Tokyo Ghoul, not just 7 people are killed. This is whole scale slaughter of innocents. I found myself shocked at the immediate dark turn the chapter took as one of the Clowns literally blew a child’s face off. As this is happening, coordinated attacks on all of the CCG’s Branch Offices are being carried out with military precision. As would be expected under these dire circumstances, the CCG is under prepared to respond to the threat. As more and more branch offices fall, the Investigators begin to suspect that Rank One Furuta’s suspicions were true and that the Clowns would attack the Headquarters in the 1st Ward next.

The Fulfillment of Furuta’s Premonition:

Isn’t it just great to see old familiar faces once again? Christmas of 2016 seems to be the time of appearance changes and hairstyles. This is compounded by Uta’s new mask and Nico’s fashion choices as they appear outside the CCG’s Headquarters with a large host of Clowns. The Crown Clown, Donato Popora is curiously absent, said to be scouting out their prey. At this point I cannot tell you what that might mean but I suspect that it has something to do with Kaneki and the Lab Group. Inside the Control Room, Special Class Matsuri Washuu is failing in his position as Acting Director and Chairman quite badly. He is nervous, jittery and is hesitating to give any meaningful orders. This Is Furuta’s time to strike where he is weakest. Barging into the Control Room Furuta uses what is later dubbed as “The voice of Yoshitoki Washuu” to reorganize the disarray of the S2 Division. He ask Juuzou Suzuya to lead his new S3 Squad, joined by Tooru Mutsuki and Shinsanpei Aura, move out to secure the front line against the attackers. As Matsuri is asked by Furuta to hold down the rear, his final clutches at real authority are gone. Souta Furuta Washuu is now Director and Chairman of the CCG in all but name.

Now we are at a crucial point in this story. Furuta is in control of almost all of the major factions in Tokyo at this point. The CCG, the Clowns and V. He is playing a grand game of chess where he is not the King but the Player itself, directing everything from on high, without anyone in the CCG seeming to even doubt him at this point in time. It’s looking almost impossible for Ken Kaneki to bring down the Washuu King, but this isn’t any helpless child we’re talking aboutanymore. Kaneki leads the only other major fighting force on the board, Black Goat’s Egg. This leads into the final highlight of the chapter.

The White Suits Group:

Kaneki certainly kept his promise. He’s utilizing the numbers that the White Suits have to his advantage in distracting everyone for just the right amount of time. The fact that he’s also entrusting the Suits Group to Tsukiyama shows how much of a long way their relationship has come since Tokyo Ghoul Part 1. In the far off 22nd Ward, Kaneki and the Suits Group appear just as the CCG forces there are weakening from the Clowns attack. Will they help the CCG? Will they help the Clowns? I’m not sure as to why Kaneki is even with them in the first place but his new Slicked hairstyle and suit are truly a sight to behold. Tsukiyama now has his own new hairstyle and mask that covers only the top half of his face. Kaneki tells Tsukiyama that he’ll stick by their side for 30 minutes before leaving. This brings things back into perspective. Kaneki is only with the Suits Group for the moment to help kick off their distraction. Who in their right mind would ignore even the smallest band of Ghouls if they were accompanied by the One Eyed King himself? It never ceases to amaze me that amongst all of Tokyo Ghoul’s tragedy and sadness, Kaneki always manages to keep his own sense of style in the foreground for the whole world to see. The next chapter should be covering the beginning of the battles in both the 1st and 22nd Wards. While chances are slim I do hold out hope that Urie and the Qs will encounter their old mentor in battle, something I’ve wanted to see for months.

I give this chapter a rating of 8/10. Plenty of epic panels, plot advancement and shocking scenes. Certainly a tough chapter to ignore in any case.

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