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tokyo ghoul:re

  1. Kaoz

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (114)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 114 Review by WithYouInSpirit Chapter Title: “Dear” [WARNING: If you are easily disturbed by sexual or mentally disturbing themes and images I suggest you don’t read this review.] As many would or should know, Tokyo Ghoul is a rather confronting manga. It is always either...
  2. Kaoz

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (110)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 110 Review by WithYouInSpirit Chapter Title: “Set P” One thing I’m beginning to realize is that Amon is certainly a big highlight in this arc. This chapter is jam packed with interesting topics and thrilling moments. Some of this week’s highlights include: Amon’s flashback to...
  3. Kaoz

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (109)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 109 Review by WithYouInSpirit Chapter Title: Even the Pen The latest chapter has shaken the Tokyo Ghoul Community a little with a bold move. A totally unexplained outcome that no one was expecting. But it’s no surprise right? This is Tokyo Ghoul we’re talking about. One of the...
  4. MangaHelpers

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (107)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 107 Review by WithYouInSpirit Another week, another break, but the 2017 year has begun in earnest and Tokyo Ghoul:re is kicking it off with a bang! The public appearance of a shadowy urban legend, action, Kaneki looking fabulous as usual these days, it all rolls itself into one...
  5. MangaHelpers

    Tokyo Ghoul:re Prediction Game

    With the start of the new year, we are launching a new game in one of our manga sections: the Tokyo Ghoul:re Prediction Game! The basic rules are very simple: try to predict what will happen in the story, and see who comes out as a master of predictions at the end of every story arc. If you...
  6. MangaHelpers

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (106)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 106 Review by WithYouInSpirit After the Double Issue we were given this little gem right before Christmas. A fitting present to finish off the year if 2017. Has anyone ever wondered if Kaneki would look good in a Suit? Well now we know. We know all too well. Chapter 106 of Tokyo...
  7. MangaHelpers

    Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (105)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re 105 Review by WithYouInSpirit After a few weeks that could be called slow this chapter was certainly refreshing. It had just that right amount of “oomph” to kick off the upcoming Lab Raid Arc in earnest. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows: The Clowns explosive attack...
  8. End

    Discussion Weird Hand Sign in Several Tokyo Ghoul: RE Chapters

    hile I was reading Tokyo ghoul:RE 62 recently, I noticed Takizawa doing a familiar hand sign. Then there's Hanbee and Juuzou in Bone 16. And Roma in Bone 17 All these characters are doing similar hand signs. I wonder how are these characters related and what symbolizes this hand sign...
  9. Holt

    Art Volume Covers and Official Art Thread

    LATEST VOLUME COVER: Chapters: 165 - 179 JP release date: Jul 19, 2018 EN release date: N/A VOLUME COVERS: Chapters: 1 - 9 JP release date: Feb 17, 2012 EN release date: Jun 16, 2012...
  10. SamsaNeki

    Info Imperial Scans drops Tokyo Ghoul: re

    It's probably not the right place but I don't know where I should put it. No Imperial Scan anymore :
  11. Zenobia

    Discussion Tokyo Ghoul or Tokyo Ghoul re:?

    So as it is written above, which one do you prefer or enjoy more and why? Are there some aspects in Tokyo Ghoul re: which are didn't took in consideration in Tokyo Ghoul and vice versa? How do Haise and Kaneki differ in personality though they are the same person (share the same body) and what...
  12. Darjaille

    Favorites One year of TG:re - Share your best memories! (2014-2015)

    So on October 16th we had the 1st anniversary of :re's serialization and I thought it'd be a nice tradition to go back to what happened during the last year and remember our favorite twists, scenes, panels, etc! I think you can go onto your favorite manga reader to remind yourself of what...
  13. Byron

    Theory Hide: the one Touka visits?

    So hello guys, I'm a new member here and I decided to join since there aren't many active forums about Tokyo Ghoul. Anyway, have you ever thought that back then when Shirazu saw Touka visiting someone at the hospital, that was most likely Hide? The last time we saw him, it was implied that Ken...
  14. Tokyo Ghoul:re Omake

    So guy I just wanted to share the translated Volume Omakes from Tokyo Ghoul:re with you: Also I'll be trying to keep that album as actual as possible! Enjoy. EDIT: Album nuked. An updated thread dedicated to the volume extras of TG:re can be found here: Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume Extras
  15. Nii

    Discussion Timeskip and Sequel Manga - Good or bad?

    What are your thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul ending with chapter 143, just to come back as Tokyo Ghoul:Re with a big timeskip? Was it necessary and/or got you hyped, or would you have rather preferred to see the manga continuing right after the final fight? Was it a good way to end the manga or are you...
  16. Nii

    Discussion Kaneki = Haise?

    The major question of the sequel manga. What are your thoughts on this matter? We got a lot of hints here and there, but is Ishida fooling us on purpose or is it exactly as obvious as it seems? Voice your speculations and arguments for and against Kaneki being Haise!
  17. Seinen Tokyo Ghoul by Ishida Sui

    Tokyo Ghoul By: Ishida Sui Genre: Horror Serialized In: Weekly Young Jump Publisher: Shueisha Publication Status: Ongoing, 0 Volumes Humans are considered the top of the food chain but there are beings who hunt them as a food source. These monsters who hunt down the flesh of dead humans...