Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (106)

Tokyo Ghoul:re 106 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After the Double Issue we were given this little gem right before Christmas. A fitting present to finish off the year if 2017. Has anyone ever wondered if Kaneki would look good in a Suit? Well now we know. We know all too well. Chapter 106 of Tokyo Ghoul:re shows us a variety of epic fight scenes, food for thought, suspense and a nail biting cliff-hanger. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:
  • The White Suits VS the Clown Troupe
  • Kaneki’s Mastery of his Kagune
  • Furuta’s ‘understanding’ of Kaneki’s plan
  • Suzuya’s Massacre
  • Urie’s confrontation against Donato

Chapter Title: “A Hopeless Course”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. 106’s title reflects Souta Furuta’s opinions on Kaneki’s ‘struggle’ against him. Little does he know of what Kaneki is truly made of. His strength isn’t his best quality. It’s his intellect.

White Suits Gang VS The Clowns:

What better way to try and get the humans of the CCG to agree to talk with Ghouls than to save them from their enemies? The chapter starts off with the White Suits Gang led by Kaneki who immediately begin ripping into the attacking Clowns. The Branch Chief Investigator and his fellow pinned down CCG Investigators are dumbstruck as to why Ghouls are attacking each other when they themselves are attacked from behind, only to be saved by Hirako and the rest of the former Zero Squad. This situation reminds me of various religious cults that have existed both in history and fantasy around the world. The CCG refuse to accept Ghouls on equal terms and still consider Hirako’s team traitors even after being saved by them. Furuta is akin to a cult leader who only feeds his subjects select information in order for them to believe what he wants them to believe.

Kaneki’s Mastery of his Kagune:

The rear attackers are then set upon by a huge writhing mass of Kagune. Who could wield this amount of Kagune? Only Ken Kaneki of course. He tears the Clowns apart remarking on how repulsive they are, landing lightly on his feet and adjusting his tie as the Investigators stand in awe and fear before the One Eyed King. Now I believe that this needs further discussion in the Tokyo Ghoul Section. The rate of manipulation (I'm dubbing it as ‘Kagune Manipulation Rating’ or KMR) that Ghouls have over their own Kagune varies, but let’s say that an average Ghoul has a KMR of 30%, since Kaneki has consumed Eto Yoshimura’s Kakuja form, his KMR has risen to at least 80%. The way he can release so many Kagune at once and the versatility and agility with which he can shape and transform those Kagune stand testament to just how far he has come with mastering the use of the Kagune.

Furuta’s ‘understanding’ of Kaneki’s plan:

After the White Suits engage the Clowns, news of this quickly reaches Furuta at the CCG Headquarters. He remarks upon the convenience of Kaneki arriving just in time to save the Investigators of the 22nd Ward and deducing that he was far too easy to read. Furuta believes that Kaneki is using Aogiri Tree’s tactic, which I interpret as the way in which they attacked Cochlea while the 11th Ward Raid had the CCG distracted in Tokyo Ghoul Part 1. However I don’t think Kaneki would allow himself to be so easily found out, or at least he would have prepared countermeasures if Furuta realised his plan to break into the CCG’s Lab in the 1st Ward.

Suzuya’s Massacre:

Not much to say here besides the fact that when Furuta gives him permission to kill everyone he simply swings Jason in a wide arc, lobbing the heads off dozens of clowns simultaneously, was an epic sight to behold indeed.

Urie confronts the ‘Crown Clown’ Donato Porpora:

This year we don’t have a flashy entrance or fight scene as a final pane but instead a dark and foreboding scene. Among the various squads and divisions spread around Tokyo dealing with the Clowns, Urie and his Quinx Squad are in the 2nd Ward dealing with the Arsonist Clowns. He and Higemaru proceeded alone into an abandoned building where the Ghoul who had just killed Hige’s Uncle was hiding. Urie remarks that the Kagune that had killed Higemaru’s relative was a peculiar kind of Koukaku, vaguely remembering a case file on a Ghoul that possessed that Kagune. He soon finds out as the two Investigators come face to face with the Leader of the Clowns, Donato Porpora wearing his eerie Clown Mask. Donato states that he has been waiting for Urie, and the latter warns Higemaru to keep his guard up if he didn’t want to die. The chapter ends with the Three facing off as Higemaru’s Right arm is severed by a Kagune from the darkness…

So it turns out that the prey that Donato was hunting was Urie all along. I can only assume that Donato plans to somehow lead him into conflict with Kaneki. Plus with the Plot Armour Urie has, Higemaru has the world's biggest Death Flag over his head right now. I predict that in the next chapter, Urie will go berserk and break his frame after Higemaru is killed, becoming a full Half Ghoul and being defeated by Dontato. Waking up as a prisoner of the Clowns, with his last vestiges of Humanity gone, he will have no choice but to assist the Clowns and encounter Kaneki eventually.

I rate this chapter 9/10 for its range of epic panels, fight scenes, possibility of further speculation and thrilling conclusion.

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