Theory Clowns and a Rude Awakening

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Aug 18, 2015
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Ronald McDonald is a clown.


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Would it be far-fetched to assume he exists in Tokyo Ghoul?

Recent chapters revealed that the Tsukiyama family maintained a conglomerate (group of corporations) - ghouls managing high level business. [1]
Ui said:
A big company with over 100 years. Their business covers food, precious metals, iron and steel, chemistry, and much more.

They're in many sectors. An enterprise with over 20 subsidiaries.
Hairu said:
And a ghoul leads all this?
At the eighth ward (Lunar Eclipse) we're introduced to several ghoul CEOs: Apollo Tec, Asada Goods, and Jewelry Tiko. [x]

What if a ghoul were to manipulate/manage the food industry?

Recall the ghoul restaurant.
Souta conditioned Ami to gain weight until she became obese. [1][2] [x]
Shu also committed to Kaneki [1][2][3]
Souta said:
But you were fattened up so you could be devoured in front of me.
McDonalds is responsible for contributing to major weight gain.[1][2][3]


Hide the Jester/Clown supporting their operations??


It says "KcLonald" or "KcDonald"

KcLonald's headquarters likely resides in the 3rd ward's Chandra Crest: [X]
Feeding fast food to humans would be the greatest way to maintain humans under control while harvesting a steady supply of food. Ghouls can't even eat regular food so this would be an extremely productive way of caging humans.

What about the coffee or wine industry? [1] [2]
Omake volume 12: Ghoul's blood sake made out of fermented human blood [x]
The informant is likely Souta
Liquid solutions made out of ghouls:[1] [2]sold to the CCG while maintaining neutrality.

Why was Rize killed?
She heavily criticized Tsukiyama and the ghoul restaurant for being too "human-like" and "upper-class." [x]

Her murder-spree had disastrous effects on the economy. [1] [2]
Newspaper(Viz Translated) said:
Yen Continues to Rise while Global Share Prices Drop
However, there is no denying export industry's struggles as the yen continues to rise.
CCG's concern of economic crisis from dealing with the Shuu family. [x]

Killing Rize (the negligent binge-eater) would have helped restore profits.

It explains why Souta was unaware of the one eyed king's existence. [1] [2]
Souta said:
One-eye..? Seriously? So that guy really existed?
By the way, did the One-eyed ghoul really exist?

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The bird cage is actually a box of 20 piece chicken nuggets.

The clowns demise will be brought by the one eyed burger king.

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