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  1. Agent Phrank

    Theory Clowns' and V's Involvement in the Anteiku Raid

    Primarily from the Clown's point of view: 1. Nico informs Souta about the one-eyed king/owl. {Ch. 78 [1] [2]} Souta requests Nico to keep in contact with the clowns. [Ch.78] 2. Kaneki raids the ghoul restaurant. [Ch. 85 Flashback] Souta witnesses Kanekipede's capabilities: He somehow...
  2. Byron

    Theory The possibilty of the clowns' boss being Itori (scroll down a little).
  3. Agent Phrank

    Theory Clowns and a Rude Awakening

    Ronald McDonald is a clown. /thread - - - - - - Would it be far-fetched to assume he exists in Tokyo Ghoul? Recent chapters revealed that the Tsukiyama family maintained a conglomerate (group of corporations) - ghouls managing high level business. [1] At the eighth ward (Lunar Eclipse)...
  4. Agent Phrank

    Predictions Roma's Tragic Past

    Roma Hoito 19-22 years old, SS-rank. Member of the Clowns (Pierrot) [1]: She spent some time in Cochlea. [1] The CCG's ranking system is primarily based on influence or power. How did she acquire SS rank in a short amount of time? Ayato is around the same age and is also...
  5. Impossibility

    Discussion Pierrot - The Clowns

    The Clowns, Pierrot, never quite got the attention that some of the other ghoul groups received, and yet they played a considerable role in observing and instigating many of the happenings of Tokyo Ghoul, particularly those surrounding Kaneki. Who is their leader? What are their actual goals...