Theory Clowns' and V's Involvement in the Anteiku Raid

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Primarily from the Clown's point of view:

1. Nico informs Souta about the one-eyed king/owl.

{Ch. 78 [1] [2]}

Souta requests Nico to keep in contact with the clowns. [Ch.78]

2. Kaneki raids the ghoul restaurant.
[Ch. 85 Flashback]
Souta witnesses Kanekipede's capabilities:

He somehow managed to escape even though Banjou & company were blocking the exits: Madame used a hidden passage so it's likely that Souta was familiar with others.

3. Roma, who was likely sent by Souta or Itori, gets hired at Anteiku.​
She mentions hearing the rumours about the Ghoul restaurant raid.
[Ch. 84]

Note: She also goes to school with Nishiki & company:
[Ch. 84]

Furuta was at Kami so that he could exchange information with Roma.

4. Meanwhile, Itori & Kaneki at Helter Skelter
She gets mad because that lost treasure trove of information was Souta.

Kaneki presents the Cochlea escapees. Itori notices Roma on there.
{Ch. 86 [1] [2]}

Nico suggests that the one-eyed king is Eto to Kaneki. [Ch. 87]

5. Kaneki continues searching for hints on Rize throughout the other wards.​
This results in the Kanou raid. After that, Kaneki seeks insight from Uta and Yomo.

Kaneki decides to visit the 20th ward to speak with Yoshimura.

He returns to Anteiku.

6. Kaneki returns, Roma panics

Roma gets shocked and starts panicking because by this point she would have informed Furuta about Kaneki not being in the 20th ward.
[Ch. 118]

She starts wondering what the manager and Kaneki are talking about.
[Ch. 119]

Panicking Roma:

Kaneki leaves.

7. Kaneki and Touka reunite​

He ponders whether or not he should stay at Anteiku.
They have a minor scuffle; Touka beats Kaneki and tells him not to return to Anteiku. [Ch.120]

Kaneki's abrupt announcement:[Ch. 121]

8. Meanwhile at the CCG,
Special Class Meeting: Yoshitoki mentions his investigation's success and concludes that there are two owls.
[Ch. 118]

He requests Marude to partake in this operation as a Vice Commander. [Ch.121]

9. Back to Anteiku,​
Roma pleading for information again. [Ch.121]
Roma the Clown said:
Eh!? Kaneki-san is returning?! Oh no!!
Yoshimura mentions that it's up to Kaneki to decide. [Ch. 121]

10. Yoshitoki and Marude request approval for "Owl Countermeasure Team" and Owl execution plan"


Nice checkerboard tiles to complement the checkerboard shirt.

Meanwhile, Yoshitoki sends some Blood Sake to Itori:[Ch. 121 Omake]

It's also derived from the ghoul solution that Eto mentioned: {Ch. 115[1][2]}
Eto said:
The Director of Sphinx and the CCG had a secret relationship.
Next few chapters: CCG writing their wills and Juuzou's backstory
Subtlely foreshadowing Seidou's ghoulfication:

11. V Confronts Kuzen​

They ask about the brat's (Eto) whereabouts. Kuzen lies about having a child so they give him a death threat.
[Ch.124]{Ch. 125 [1][2]}
They learned about Eto being the Aogiri Tree's leader from Souta.

Kuzen betrays V by not telling them about Eto's whereabouts; V contacts Yoshitoki to continue on with the Anteiku raid.

V said:
This is your final warning.

12. Anteiku raid begins immediatedly after​

13. Unknownst to the CCG, Kaneki is in the 20th ward and decides to help Anteiku.​

These two panels go well together.
{Ch. 126 [1] [2]}

14. Yoshitoki's major miscalculation:

CCG reports a mysterious ghoul (Kaneki) attacking second and third squad. [Ch.132]:

Yoshitoki suspects it's Kaneki.
Yoshitoki the Clown said:
No.. is it that guy?

CCG mentions the centipede. Yoshitoki's shock, this wasn't in his calculations. [Ch.133]

Arima confronts Kaneki; he captures him. He arrives late to the battle against Eto. Eto escapes with Yoshimura. Anteiku raid over.

13. Anteiku Raid Aftermath
Arima is granted rights on Haise/Kaneki. [Ch.143]

Yoshitoki holds his laughter.

15. Yoshitoki returns to Helter Skelter to reunite with the Pierrot​

Yoshitoki vigourously tickles Roma for not informing him on time. Itori drinks the blood sake that he had brought.

Roma was sent to Anteiku to siphon information. She then would exchange any necessary information on Anteiku (primarily Kaneki and Kuzen) to Furuta or Itori. This information would reach YoshiSouta and V.

Flow of information:
Roma -> Furuta -> Souta/Yoshitoki -> V
Kaneki's abrupt return caused Roma to panic because she was aware that the CCG/Yoshitoki had probably already confirmed or approved the Anteiku raid.
There was no time to inform Furuta about Kaneki's return. As a result, Yoshitoki did not calculate Kanekipede's arrival and the raid did not occur as smoothly as planned.

V's main concern was the Aogiri Tree's leader/King. Souta (Nico whispered to him) informed V about the second owl, Eto.

Once Yoshitoki had the Anteiku plan ready, V gave Kuzen an opportunity to reveal Eto's whereabouts. Kuzen betrays V by refusing to comply so V gave the final prompt for the Anteiku plan to set in motion.

Why was it so important to know where Kaneki was?

Kaneki was the wrench in this entire raid.

As Hirako lamented:
Hirako said:
the One-eyed Owl (Eto) might've been defeated, if only the centipede didn't appear.

Alternatively, V's death threat and the Anteiku raid are coincidences, just like the steel beam incident.

Alternatively, Roma was at Anteiku because she really likes coffee. She panicked because she doesn't know how to make coffee.

Alternatively, Furuta was at Kami because it's a great studying atmosphere.

Thoughts? Questions? Do you agree with these connections?


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