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v organization

  1. nuur mohamed

    Discussion Washuu Clan and V: what is their true goal?

    Hello in this thread feel free to discuss what the washuu clan or v maybe up to and why they created all these expiraments such as half human and why they want ghouls and humans to be segregated and hate one another. And what the truly mean by "balance. " In this thread you are not...
  2. Petrit Zeneli

    Theory Arima a possible double agent

    I've been re-reading the manga for several times each time corrected by fellow forumees and I'm glad because now I can see certain matters clearly, but something had been bugging me and I've been somewhat intrigued by Kishou Arima's...and I'd like to ask all of you for some clarity please...
  3. Dragoon

    Theory Early hint at ccg's top brass belonging to V

    So as most of us TG fans tend to do I re-read TG (part 1) and at the beginning of the Anteiku raid I thought to myself "could this have been a hint of the top brass of ccg belonging to V?" Now keep in mind this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt (it isn't even that momentous an event if...
  4. Agent Phrank

    Theory Clowns' and V's Involvement in the Anteiku Raid

    Primarily from the Clown's point of view: 1. Nico informs Souta about the one-eyed king/owl. {Ch. 78 [1] [2]} Souta requests Nico to keep in contact with the clowns. [Ch.78] 2. Kaneki raids the ghoul restaurant. [Ch. 85 Flashback] Souta witnesses Kanekipede's capabilities: He somehow...
  5. Theory A Shot in the Dark About TG History and Kaneki's Role

    Overview of the parties in this chess game: CCG: Founded by Washuu clan back in 1890 or something. They've been hunting ghouls for a long time and continue to do so in the name of public safety. Keeps experimenting with turning humans into ghouls. Recently unveiled successful Quinx surgery...
  6. Discussion V-Organization

    We have a thread for Aogiri Tree and Pierrot, but what about the organization with the least panel time? What about the organization whose members - unlike Aogiri Tree and Pierrot - are all unknown except for an ex-member who left the organization decades ago and a mere name of one current...