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Feb 4, 2008
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Ok, this place has a lot of talented and/or enthusiastic cooks and it's common to see people sharing their meal results, recipes, tips, and etc, in many MH threads (or other kinds of hangouts).
We should start recording those! Here's what I propose:
- Whenever someone comes up with a recipe, it could be posted here. I mean, maybe the person didn't "invent" the recipe per se, but just loves it, or added his/her own touch, it can be anything you're passionate about!
- I can typeset it into a cook book page to organize it all in a digital place.
- With a categorized summary (by author, origin, recipe or tip type, you name it!0), people can start checking the published book whenever they want an inspiration to cook - or just replicate something they saw as delicious.
- You can provide any info about your recipe/tip: pictures, tutorial videos links, etc. All can be added to the book.
- Considering the content will be in English, feel free to ask others to fix your material if you're not a native in... wtv speaks English.
- People can also comment on the recipes/tips, make suggestions, solve doubts, etc.
I'll keep this post stickied and updated with the book whenever there's a new addition to it.
That's it \o/

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