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Danddo Seri

Danddo Seri is shy around females cause he has a low self of stream.
Danddo Seri is the skinnest ninja ever. He stands at 5'9" and he weights 118lbs. On his right shoulder has the
He has long skinny legs, He has long skinny arms and small upper body.

Danddo Seri:

Chapter 1
Furuzus’ Stories

Before heading back to Konoha. Kakashi sent Pakkun with a note that tells Tsunade that mission is compete. It also tells about Naruto and Shion is getting marry. Pakkun ran ahead to Konoha. When Pakkun ran into Shizune and gave her the note. Then Shizune is ran to Hogake’s office when Tsunade was just finished up Anko’s and Kurenai’s missions. Tsunade asked, "Shizune what’s wrong?" Shizune answered, "Nothing is wrong but deep breathes the Priestess of the Demon Country asked Naruto Uzumaki to marry her. So he’d agreed to the marriage." Tsunade told Anko and Kurenai about Naruto’s engagement to the Priestess of the Demon Country. Tsunade also order Anko and Kurenai to tell the village. Tsunade told Shizune that she’d must get the inviting all of the Feudal Lords and the Kages.

Meanwhile some one was mess with Naruto in the woods. Naruto keep seeing movement and driving the other comrades crazys. So Sakura yelled at Naruto. Shion said, "Don’t yell at my Naruto-kun like that. Only I can yell at him. Got that U-G-LY." Sakura yelled, "What did you call me? You Spoiler Brat! " The first mysterious ninja said, "Priestess mite be a Spoiler Brat." Then the second mysterious ninja said, " The Spoiler Brat was right about one thing you pinked hair troll you are uglier than Orochimaru-sama." The third mysterious ninja asked, " If those two are Spoiler Brat and Ugly Troll. Who is the one with four Ponytails? I’d got it she’d must be a old rat face hag." Sakura punched the ground and Temari cut all the trees down. When Sakura and Temari did that. They trigger pie launchers at them with explosive notes on the bottom of the tin. Neji blocked the pies. The mysterious ninjas got mad so they pop out of their hiding spots. Then the shadow clone jutsu. Naruto said Neji go on and get out of here. I’ll take the dummies. One of the mysterious ninjas that looks like a female hippie. The second one is wearing a ballet tights and the last one is wearing disco. The one that looks like a hippie she’d said, "My name is Apuriru Furuzu." The one with the Ballet tights on she’d said, "My name is Shisuta Furuzu" The last one said, "My name is Buraza Furuzu" All of the Furuzues yelled "We are the Pranksters of the Demon Country."

The Furuzu family told the Konoha teams and Temari about the rumors are going around scary stories about ninjas ghosts that no dares to enter. The most dangerous place on earth. When the full moon’s light in the edge of the cliff you see shadows of the ninjas of past who had the guts to went down there and never came back live.
I hope that you like it.

Chapter 2
Demon Canyon

The villagers called that canyon the "Demon Canyon".The only ones that stand a chance are the jinchuurikis or former jinchuurikis or some one who has a curse mark one them.
All of the Elders of the village hear rumors of those Legendry 9 Tailed-beasts was created there by rogue ninjas. There also was a rumor about the most dangerous beast that's stronger than all of those beasts put together. We don't know about what it looks or how big is it. The last ninja and came out was the Seventh Mizukage of the river country of the got sense then Seventh Mizukage has a scar on his chin that looks like a X. He said, "Those who die in battle goes over there and get eat by those beasts."

Back at Konoha. Hinata asked Kiba to do a transform jutsu as Naruto-Kun to build her guts to asked Naruto to marry her.
Ino and Tenten over Hinata's problem and encourage here. Ino have the best fashion sense in Konoha. Ino showed Hinata what looks good on her. Tenten training Hinata in the combat skills. Ayame over hear Hinata saying to Ino and Tenten, "I.. wan..t...to..to impress...Naruto...Kun."
Ayame join in by saying, "Hinata, If you want to impress Naruto-san. I'll traning you in his favortive food."
Iruka and Suzume are holding hands. Iruka wants to treat his girl to a bowl of Ramen.

Back at Demon Country. Temari wants to talk to Sakura in private. Temari whisper to Sakura, "I'm not dumb. I'll alway could tell that Hinata has a huge crush on Naruto. What would she think about Naruto getting marry to Shion?" Sakura replied, "Good question but I think Naruto doesn't know about Hinata having a crush on him sense our childhood." Temari asked, "Should we tell him about it." So Sakura yelled for Naruto. Naruto looked at Sakura and asked, "Sakura-chan! What do you me"

Sakura motion for him in a flirteous way. When Naruto came in the deep woods. Temari grabbed Naruto and they told Naruto that Hinata had a crush on him all of his life and her's. Sakura said, "I've never kiss a enegage man before." Sakura kiss Naruto for the first time and the last time. Temari asked him not to tell Shikamaru. Then She'd kiss Naruto.

All of sudden a mist came into the cutdown woods. Gai, Neji, Shikamaru and Kakashi think that some one is after the Priestess again. So Naruto Clones surrounded Shion. Temari asked the mysterious ninja, "Are you another Furuzu's family member?"
The mysterious ninja laughed and said, "You got to be kidding me. I'm not related to those brats." Gai asked, "Then why are you here attacked us for?" Neji asked, "Are you here for the Priestess?" The mysterious ninja answered, " Jinchuuriki can sense another jinchuuriki. I want to teach my nephew..OOPS." The mysterious ninja disappear out of sight.

Naruto is confuse now cause he thought that he had no family members left. The hyper him up more to friend out about his family's history.

Chapter 3
History of the River Country

The Daimyou of the River Country they took over Seventh Mizukage's village.
No one knows if Seventh Mizukage is still live after the great battle. Before the big battle Seventh Mizukage had two Princes. Some strangers came into our village told about a stranger ninja. The only ones that match those profile are The Royal Seri Family.
blood inheritance limit of the Seri Clan are more dangerous than Konoha's Byakugan and Sharingan.
They call their Kekkei Genkai "Dangarinakugan" cause the can made any of your nightmares to come real. No one

Back at Konoha in the Hyuuga's Mansion. Hanabi trip over a box. The box got knocked open. There are Pictures of Hinata, Hanabi, Hiashi, Hizashi and Neji went they were toddlers.
When Ino, Tenten and Hinata hear a trumbling sound they ran over to the arena. They found Hanabi on the floor.
They pull her up. The found some thing stranger about one of those Pictures. One Picture pick the When Hinata and Naruto were toddlers they'd kissed.
On the back of the picture some one wrote Hizashi was babysitting. Hinata saw that picture that she'd and Naruto kissed when they were toddlers. Hinata fainted

When the Furuzu family got done tell the story. They head back. Naruto kept on look back at the Demon Canyon until he couldn't see it anymore.
Shion asked, "Naruto-Kun can I see your village? Naruto asked, "Kakashi-sensai Can she?" Kakashi replied, "That's your deal." Gai jump in by saying, "You are a man now."
Shikamaru said, "Naruto you agreed to it. When she'd asked her power must be passed onto the next priestess.. What do you say Naruto? Are you going help her?"
Rock Lee said, "You swear on you ninja way to always keep your promises." Naruto has confuse look on him. Temari and Sakura looking at Naruto and giggle a bit.
Furuzu escort the Konoha teams back home.

Back at Hyuuga's Mansion. Hiashi fast walking into Hinata and said, "My Daughter I have bad news for yeah." Hinata asked, "What's wrong father? Is it about Naruto-Kun?"
Hiashi answered, "Hyuuga and the village just got a message from the Kakashi." Hinata begining to think that her Naruto-kun is dead and ran off into her bedroom. Hinata started crying.
Ino and Tenten asked, "Hiashi-sama what was the message said?"

Chapter 4
The Enagement I

At Hyuuga's Mansion. Hiashi stood up straight and answered, "The message say that they competed the mission with no injuries at all.
But the Priestess of the Demon Country asked him to help her......Anko ran into the Hyuuga's Mansion and said to Ino and Tenten, "The Priestess said Her power must be pass on to the next Priestess. Next she'd asked Naruto if he would help her. Naruto agreed to it."
Kurenai ran into the Hyuuga's Mansion and said, "Tsunade-sama order all of the females to cook for Naruto & Shion." Jiraya came into Hyuuga's Mansion and said, "Hiashi that all of the males should guard the village."

At the Demon Canyon Orochimaru and Kabuto with Sasuke. Orochimaru told Sasuke to stand few feet away from the Demon Canyon. Orochimare knows that this mystereous ninja is the only one that could removed Sasuke's curse seal.
Sasuke trainning with his shadow clones in the meanwhile.

On the road back to Konoha Apuriru Furuzu over hear Sakura's and Temari's conversion about Shion's and Naruto's Enagement. Apuriru Furuzu whisper to Naruto that he'd agreed to married Shion. Naruto was shocked by hearing that jumped up and bumped his head got knock out cold. Sakura said, "You face Haku, Zabuza, Raiga, Itachi, Sasori and others rogue ninjas but you can't kept from getting your head bunk." Shion, Temari and Sakura giggle 30 secs. Shion went over to wake up Naruto but it wasn't working at all. Sakura yelled in his ear by yelling," Get the heck up you!" Naruto's body got and asked, What do you want old-hag." Sakura bunk him on the head once more. Naruto asked, "Sakura-chan why did you hit me for?"

Meanwhile back at Konoha Tsunade order post service to send out invitions to all of the feudal Lords. One of those Hawks went over the Demon Canyon and drop a intivition. One of Sasuke's clones saw a paper fell out of the Konoha's hawks backpack. So one if Sasuke's clone grabbed gave the paper to the real Sasuke. Sasuke reads it. Kabuto asked, "Sasuke-Kun, What do we have here?" Orochimaru said, "The 9-tailed brat is getting marrying."

Chapter 5
The Enagement II

At the Demon Canyon the Rizendori clan attacked Orochimaru when he turn his back. Sasuke stopped the attacker. The ancestors of the Rizendori clan members now was the ones that created the Legendry Tailed beasts.Rizendori clan can sense Orochimaru's curse mark. So they aim for Sasuke's curse mark. They removed the cursed marked. Sasuke with the help of the Rizendori clan and Kabuto they killed Orochimaru. Sasuke said to Kabuto, "Let's go back to Konoha." Kabuto told Sasuke that this was his plan from the started.

All of sudden a mysterious Ninja had the same mouth nose masked as Kakashi and but his masked showed only his hair, his eyes, his ears and the bridge of his nose. He also have Anko type jacket but it was seleveless and it was red. His hair was like Rock lee's style but darkbrown his eyes hazel brown. His right handed.

Sasuke asked, "Who are you?" The masked ninja answered, "I was a Konoha ninja that the bingo book called the Fourth Hogake and myself as the Namikaze Twins." Kabuto said, "If you are who you say you are. Then under masked yourself." The masked ninja was under masked. Kabuto remember the Tsunade's boyfriend's hairstyle from Orochimaru's office. Sasuke is shocked cause he thought he'd look like Naruto. Sasuke grabbed the unmasked Ninja and was getting ready to asked him what's his name. But Kabuto said, "Sasuke! let him go cause he is the Lone wolf Sticks. He mite not look like much. Even Orochimaru was afraid of him more than your brother Itachi." The unmasked Ninja said, "I'm not blood related to Namikaze but the fourth hogake's family adopted me."

On the road back to Konoha. Kakashi with Temari, Sakura, Naruto, Neji, Gai, Shion and Rock Lee. Naruto acppect that he was in engaged. Now he'd wants to purpose her. So Naruto whisper to Temari,Sakura and Neji. Neji asked in a soft whisper, "Rock Lee, You can't beat Gai-sensai at all right?" and the sametime Shikamaru whisper the same thing to Gai.
Gai yelled Rock Lee I'd challenge you to thumb wrestling 4 of out 18," Rock Lee acppect the challenge.

When Naruto sneak away from the bond fire with Temari, Sakura and Neji. When they could send their comrades anymore. Then Naruto asked, "Temari, Sakura and Neji to help him make a engagement ring." They help helped him out. Temari and Sakura are softly giggling with excitement in their giggles.

Before the Sasuke left the Demon Canyon. A member of Rizendori clan was name Kurita Rizendori. She’d was the clothes designer of her clan. Sasuke kept a picture of Team 7 and he showed her his old style clothes. Then she made a new shirt and a new shorts but it looks like the Sasuke’s old style. Kurita Rizendori escort Sasuke, Kabuto and the unmasked ninja.

Chapter 6
The Engagement III

Naruto, Sakura, Temari and Neji got done creating Naruto’s engagement ring
So they was about to ahead back to their group. All of sudden Sakura saw Sasuke. Sasuke said, “It been awhile sense. We were a the Team 7. Naruto you are still a loser.” Naruto & Sakura ran to him. They stopped cause they saw Kabuto. Kabuto said, “I’m the son of Jiraya-sama & Tsunade-sama. We heard about your engagement. We want to give you three gifts.” Kabuto toss Orochimaru’s head at them. Sasuke said, “The cursed marked was removed.” Kabuto said, “Naruto. We have old friend of yours,” Sasuke said, “Or we have your Uncle idiot.”
Sakura, Naruto, Temari and Neji was shocked when they hear the Naruto’s Uncle was still alive.
The re-masked ninja said, “Hey Nephew! You and me are both Jinchuuriki.” Naruto asked, “What’s your name?” The re-masked ninja took off his masked again and answered, “ I’d was adopted by the fourth Hogake’s family but you could called me Danddo Seri.” Sakura, Neji, Temari was shocked by how Danddo Seri.

They went back to the Naruto’s group. Sakura smile and asked, “Kakashi-sensai. It been a while has it?” Danddo Seri smile and asked, “Kakashi. I hope that you are not still reading Kabuto’s father’s book are you?” Naruto and Sakura said, “He still is reading Jiraya’s book.”
Sasuke bought a engagement ring for Naruto to use at his wedding ceremony. Naruto said, “Sasuke I was gonna asked Gaara to be my best man. Now you came back on your own. I’d want you to be the Best man.” Sasuke said, “Sure loser!” with a smile on his face. Naruto gave the engagement ring that Sasuke brought for him to give to Shion. So Naruto gave the ring to Shion. Then they all return to Konoha together.

Hinata saw Naruto wasn’t dead and ran up to him and asked to marry her. Naruto said, “Hinata-chan. Shion asked me and I said yes. But I was hoping that you would asked me first.” Shion had a better fashion sense than Ino. Shion saw how Hinata acted around Naruto and asked, “Hinata would you be my Maid of Honor?‘ Hinata said, “uh....uh... Su..re... I....would...lov...e...to..be...part....of....Naru to....Kun’s....Wedding...gulped.” Then Naruto gave Hinata a kissed before the wedding ceremony.

Jiraya put Naruto in a head locked and gave him a noogey. Jiraya said, “Your are a man now. Now you have to approve it to the feudal lords in the next. Chunin Exam. After you get back from your honeymoon.”

Chapter 7
Naruto’s surprises

Before Tsunade’s gather the hold village. Sai let Sasuke stay at his house with him without being seen by the other former 9 rookies and others. Sasuke told Ino that there will be four biggest surprise. Ino asked, “What is it?” Sakura said, “Naruto asked me, Temari, Shion, Neji, Kakashi, Gai, Sai and Lee to be quit about it.That’s all I’ll say about it. We all zipped our lips untilled Naruto’s surprises.” Ino are excited and can’t wait.

In the Tsunade-sama said, “Naruto and Shion! We; Shizune, Tonton and me that is. Wish you luck on your marriage life but Naruto. You are still Genin. But I gotta asked Who would be your Best man Naruto?” Shion said, “He’d wants to surprise even you Hogake-sama.” Naruto said, “I could tell you one of my surprises.” There’s a knock on the door to the Hogake’s office door.
Tsunade yelled, “Enter.” Naruto said, “ I think you already meet this guy once twice before. He was once under the supervisor of Dan-sensai. Also he’s my adopted Uncle.” Tsunade yelled, “It can’t be! You!” Danddo Seri said in shy voiced , “Tsunade-chan. You haven’t change a bit expect your temper gotten worse I see.” and Danddo Seri giggle a bit. Then he had smirk on his face. Shizune asked, “Who is this guy Mistress?” Tsunade answered, “He was your Uncle’s student before he’d die. Like Rock Lee is to Gai and versa. This person was important to your Uncle Dan. He was Royalty in a small kingdom in the Flower country. The flower country was the most beautiful than Yamanaka Flower Shop has.” Shizune said, “That means he was the 8th Mizukage. That means he was gonna marry Koyuki from the Snow Country,”

In Sai’s apartment. Sasuke told Sai that Danzou doesn’t have to worry him or Kabuto or Orochimaru any more. Sasuke took Orochimaru’s head out of his backpack and show Sai. This was Kabuto-sama’s way to betray Orochimaru. Sai said, “You should disguised yourself as me. To fool with evenbody minds abit.” Sasuke asked, “Why?” Sai answered, “I was appointed to be his Naruto’s bodyguard but Naruto asked for you to looked me.Untilled Tsunade-sama asked who his best man would be.” Sasuke nodded in agreement. Sai gave Sasuke apple that contain a prison that will make Sasuke forget about Orochimaru’s forbidden Jutus that Orochimaru taught him.

Tsunade gather everyone from the Feudal Lords to the Villagers and From Kages to Academy Students to surround the Hogake’s mansion. For Naruto’s surprises. Sai whisper something to Naruto while they was heading up to where Tsunade, Jiraya, Kakashi, Yamato and Iruka was at. on roof of the Hogake’s mansion. Hinata helped Shion to jumped up there as well. Tsunade said, “This day is a great celebration for a Wedding day.” Utatane Koharu said to Tsunade. “When the Fourth Hogake was reigning over Konoha. He’d pass a law that Two Genin couldn’t marry untilled They are Chunins or higher rank position.” Homura said, "Shion is a Priestess. That's just like a Jonin." Tsunade yelled, "You gotta be kidding me?" Homura & Koharu Utatane answered, "We are not kidding around."

Chapter 8
Demons of the past

Sasuke disguise as Sai. Thinking of his competed his mission of killed his brother and the whole Akatsuki. After the was take care of. Kabuto and Sasuke join force to made a plan to killed Orochimaru-sama.

Back at the Demon Canyon contains the ghosts of Kidoumaru, Sakon, Tayuya, Ukon, Jiroubou, Fuuma Kagerou, Fuuma Jigumo, Fumma Kamakiri, Fugai, Kamina, Ranke, Temujin, Haido, Jiga, Renga, Ruiga, Jibachi, Kurobachi, Suzumebachi, Gouzu, Meizu Oni, Momochi Zabuza, Hoshigaki Kisame, Kurosuki Raiga, Suigetsu, Gantestu, Shura, Monju, Doki, Houki, Kujaku, Ryuugan, Suiko, Dosu Kinuta, Kin Tsuchi, Haku, Zaku Abumi, Fuyuguma Mizore, Kakuyoku Fubuki, Rouga Nadare, Kazahana Dotou, Tsurugi Misumi, Akadou Yoroi, Oboro, Mubi, Kagari, Shigure, Midari, Baiu, Deidara, Sasori, Tobi, Konan, Pein, Itachi, Zetsu, Hidan, Kakuzu, Kirisame, Murasame, Hisame, Karenbana, Shiore and Two Unnamed Members under the guide of Orochimaru's ghost. They are still fighting Kages’ and Feudal Lords’ ghosts.

When Kabuto saw the Konoha gates. Kabuto went to Danzou at his hidden out and showed the Orochimaru’s body. Danzou said, “You one of my best spies. Now on you are free to do anything you want.” Kabuto said, “Thanks Danzou-sama.” Kabuto attacked Danzou. Kabuto disguise himself as Danzou to throw off the Blackoops. He’d also made Danzou’s body look like’s his only body.

Tsunade saying it to all of the villagers and the Genins, “ In two weeks we will have our Chunin Exam.” Naruto is getting excited because he’s won’t been a Genin any long. Hinata is crying cause she was to late to asked Naruto to marry her but she’s was also excited for him. Ino, Tenten Temari and Sakura went up to claim down Hinata.

At the prison. Danzou went in and saw Kamizuki Izumo and Hagane Kotetsu. They let him in. Kabuto is thinking this would be a good time to ambushed Konoha cause all of their enemies are dead. Kabuto went to Touji Mizuki’s celled and open it. Kabuto asked, “Mizuki do you want to have a revenge on Naruto?” Touji Mizuki answered, “Yes! I do.” and he’d smile. Kabuto whispered into his hear, “Orochimaru-sama is dead but his last request was that you take up the role that he’d did.” Touji Mizuki whispered, “Okay Danzou-sama.” with a wink and a smirk on his face.

Kabuto took care of the guards by putting them to sleep for next morning and then he’d broken free the prisoners. He told the prisoners they are gonna to a place called Demon Canyon. They head out to that night.

Chapter 9
Demon Dimension

When Kabuto and his the prisoners reached the Demon Canyon. Karito Rizendori betrayed his clan and killed all of his clan expect for Kruita Rizendori. He'd cast the ghosted into the prisoners. Yomi enter Kabuto's body and Orochimaru into Touji Mizuki's body. Karito Rizendori is the guard to the Dimension. Karito Rizendori told about Naruto's evil twin on the otherside and they called him Oturan . Karito Rizendori also warned them about his own good counterpart. He also gave Orochimaru-sama a list of the Rogue ninja in the next dimension.

All of the males in this dimension has a female counterpart in the Demon Dimension. All of the females in this dimension has a male counterpart in the Demon Dimension. We called this Demon Dimsion. So all of the rogue ninjas from this dimension went into the Demon Dimension.

In the Demon Dimension Uramihcoro-sama is just got appointed as the Fifth Hogake. Oturan leaf the village cause she’d didn’t fit in. Ekusas she'd has a crush on Arukas. Arukas has a crush on Oturan has a crush on Atanih. Atanih has a crush on Ekusas. Iramet is girl crazy. Uramakihs is boy crazy. Netnet think Kcor Eel is the best female. Ijen counldn’t match Kcor Eel’s skills. Tighty Iag and Kcor Eel hates each other. Oni has a crush on Oturan. Otanim asked her son to join his family in the Akasuki. So she’d did joined the group. Now all of the Oturan’s clan members are in the Akasuki.

Back in Naruto’s dimension. it been few weeks now and the chunin exams already starts with Naruto was in it. Naruto scout around on top of the trees. Danddo Seri in a Anbu cloak and masked. Danddo Seri told Naruto that Kabuto left the village with the prisoners. So Naruto went straight to the Shizune. Shizune told Tsunade and Tsunade said, “What? Who told Naruto this?” Shizune told her that Danddo-sama saw it and they are gether only those that is Jinchuuriki or was one and those that has the cursed marks like Neji or had Orochimaru’s curse marks. They all head towards the Demon Canyon to stopped the Demon Dimension rogue ninjas will be pouring out like bees to honey. They will also fame the good counterparts.

Chapter 10
Clash of Dimensions

In Naruto's Dimension. Tsunade canceled the Chunin Exams and was getting ready for a
the biggest battle they ever seen. Tsunade, Sasuke in caught up with Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura,
Ino, Shino, Hinata, Kurenai, Asuma, Choji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Rock Lee, Neji, Tsunade, Shizune,
Tenten and Guy left the village. When the other villages see that Konoha is getting ready for a
war. They also got ready for a war.

Yomi in Kabuto's body told Orochimaru that's in about his Mouryou. So Kabuto and the
prisoners is on guard all round the Demon Canyon. Then Orochimaru is going into the Demon
Dimension. Orochimaru found Akanamay Oni, Ikamuzu Oturan, Edanust, Netnet, Iramet,
Enuzhis, Iboturas Amusa, Ias, Kcor Eel, Ihsaratim Okna, Tighty Yug, Ayarij, Akuzuni Abik,
Aguuyh Ijen, Aguuyh Atanih, Ekatah Ihsakak, Onurah Arukas, Araag, Uoruknak Ihcimika
Ijuohc and Emaruba Onihs.

Now Naruto’s dimension shinobi just met their rogue ninjas counterparts. Oturan said, “Yeah bro. You won’t stand a chance against me. I’m more powerful than you. Is your dimension is ready for us to take over it? MAWWWWWWWWAH. Don’t believe it cause you won’t have much time to believe in anything. MAWWWWWWWWAH.” Naruto thinking am I this annoying to others. After this fight I’ll try not be a annoying and believe it. Then Naruto yelled, “I’d change my density, Neji’s and Shion’s. Now I’ll change your dimension’s density. I swear by my ninja way.” Oturan replied, “Don’t gave me that crap. You annoying brat.”

At Hogake’s office in the Demon Dimension. Tsunade was shocked to see a Uramihcoro at the fifth hogake. Uramihcoro said, “You must be the good counterpart from our evil Edanust. By the way this type of stuff kept happening around the Chunin Exams. So I decided if those things happens anymore I’ll let Genins fight in the war if they come back they are Chunins.”
Edanust and Orochimaru got to Hogake’s office. They met Tsunade and Uramihcoro.
Uramihcoro said, “Orochimaru-sama, You are a handsome fellow but you are pure evil so. I’ll must killed you.” Edanust said, “Tsunade-chan, You are ugly old-hag.” They all fought for 6 straight weeks.

Now it’s been 6 straight weeks. Naruto win his battle and said, “Oturan, I knew you was gonna use just the Kyuubi’s chakra but you didn’t know that effects.” Oturan said, “Thanks for open my eyes. We should do this again but just as friends.” The battle is finally over. Uramihcoro asked, “Tsunade-sama, Our dimension is grateful for your dimension help. Anything can I do for ya to pay you back?” Tsunade answered, “naa..wait..You said that you count these type of battle that ruins a chunin exams as chunin exams?” Uramihcoro replied, “Yes. I did said that. May I asked why?” Tsunade order Shizune to get Naruto up to Uramihcoro-sama’s office right away. Shizune did and brought him up. Naruto asked, “What’s do you want grandma-sama?” Tsunade bunked him on the head and Tsunade said, “In this dimension the battle we just fought. Was during their Chunin Exams. They also count that as chunin exam itself.” Uramihcoro said, “Naruto-sama. From now on you are no long a Genin in this dimension or your dimension. Now you are Chunin now.” Shizune said, “Both Fifth Hogakes have to sign a dimension contact. ” So they did. Uramihcoro and Tsunade said, “Naruto. Now you just need to sign it.” So Naruto signed it. He jumped with joy than ever before.

Chapter 11
Naruto’s Preparation

Back in Naruto’s dimension. At Konoha Tsunade said, "Now sense Naruto are a Chunin now not just hear by in the other dimension." Shizune asked, "Whose the lucky man that would be you best man?" Naruto motion for Sasuke disguise as Sai and said, "I was gonna asked Gaara to be my best man. On the way back to Konoha from the Stone Ghost Army. My brother and our comrade came back to us." Tsunade yelled, "Who is it?" Naruto said to Sai, "Let’s should them and bring out your special gifts." Sai transform back to Sasuke. Pour out the heads of Orochimaru and all of the members of the Akatsuki come out of Sasuke’s backpack. Everyone was shocked by see Sasuke expect for Naruto, Neji, Sakura, Temari, Shikamaru, Gai, Rock Lee, Gai and Kakashi. Sai when up to show people that he’s not Sasuke. Tsunade said, "I’m glad that you are back Sasuke. After the Reception I have to arrest you Sasuke. Got that." Sasuke replied, "I understand."Then Sasuke and went back to his house. Naruto said, " I’m belong to the Fourth Hogake’s clan. But I don’t know whose my father and mother are. But I’d bumped into my adopted Uncle. Here he is. Danddo Seri. Danddo Seri said, "You can’t kept a good shinobi down for long. Like my nephew."

In the Hogake’s office. Tsunade order every food place to make a big feast for Naruto’s and Shion’s wedding. Tsunade was trying to figure out what she would wear to Naruto's wedding.

Shion went to Ino, Kurenai, Sakura, Hinata, Tsunade, Shizune, Tenten and Temari for the wedding dress. Sasuke was visiting his old comrades of Konoha. Sasuke said, "Ino and Sakura can......I’m..... Trying...to....asked for...you....to...Pick...out...my....Suit."while he was snatching his head. So they help him out. Sakura and Ino shouted for joy when Sasuke asked them for help. Shion asked, "Hinata-sama can you help."

In the Naruto’s house Jiraya and Kakashi was aruging about what shirt looks better on Naruto. Naruto trying on Jiraya’s wedding suit. Naruto didn’t like it. Kakashi said, "Try this on for size. I thought I would be the first one to wear it." Kiba busted in and said, "That’s how you should look like for your wedding day." Naruto tried ever outfit that his friends and his sensais offer him but no luck with any of them. Outside of Naruto’s bedroom window is Hinata. Hinata is watch watching her teammate figuring out want Naruto would looks good on him. Hinata’s face was turning red.

At Danddo’s house. Danddo found the fourth hogake’s outfit. So he took it to the Rizendori Clan to see. If anyone survived the clan. Danddo found Kurita Rizendori herself. So Danddo asked for her help to make a wedding outfit for his nephew. So she made it. She’d also make Naruto a gift from herself. She’d told Danddo here’s a gift for him when he becomes the Hogake. So Hidden it from him untilled then. Danddo promised. Kurita Rizendori said, "It’s done." Black hogake style cloak with white flames on the sleeves and the tail of the cloack also.

So Danddo went back to Konoha and his house and hided Kurita Rizendori’s gift in his house. Then he went over to Naruto’s house and gave his gift to Naruto. Naruto love it. Everybody loving it. Hinata bumped and started to run. Iruka yelled, "Hinata. Wait up. It that for Naruto?" Hinata answered, "I.....was.....gonna........save.. .this headband.......for.......Naruto-Kun. I don’t Have leaf symbol plate on the head band." Iruka said, "I have good Idea. You just have to want here Okay." Hinata answered, "Uh...Okay..Iruka-sensai."

Iruka went to Sakura’s house and knocked on her door. Sakura asked, "Who is it?" Iruka answered, "Is your old-sensai." So Ino got up and opened the Door for Iruka and asked, "What do you need Iruka-sensai?" Iruka said, "Temari, Tenten and Sasuke I’d need your help to made a Naruto’s headband plate." Ino and Sakura said, "We are done with Sasuke. Gonna on Sasuke-kun." Inner Sasuke I’m finally out of this nut house with crazy girls.

At the arena Gaara was stand in front of the stadium cause he want to them make Naruto’s head band plate. Gaara made the shape of plated. Sasuke used his fire technique. with the water technique of Iruka. They make the sand into metal. The Temari cold the plate off. Tenten made the leaf Symbol on. They went to Hinata and gave her the leaf symbol plate for her white headband. Iruka made it fit. They went to Naruto’s house.

At Naruto’s house Shikamau said, "That doesn’t match the cloak." Kiba said, "I’d smell Hinata at your door Naruto." Naruto opened the door and asked, "What you who guys doing here for?" Tenten said, "Bought you a headband to match your groom cloak. We all made the leaf symbol plated." Naruto love it.
Chapter 12
Naruto’s Wedding Day.

Gaara, Sai, Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba & Rock Lee are groomens. Choji's family help with food alongside with Ayame's family. Hinata is the maid of honor. Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari & Isaribi are Bridesmaids.

By now Sasuke married to Hinata. Sai married to Ino.
Gaara married to Sakura. Neji married to Tenten.
Rock Lee married to Temari. Kiba married to Isaribi.
Kurenai remarried to Shikamaru and Shikamaru took in Asuma's and Kurenai's child. Hagane Kotetsu married Shizune. Ayame married Choji. Inuzuka Hana married to Kamizuki Izumo. Anko married to Morino Ibiki. Iruka married to Suzume.

Naruto is confuse cause he wondering why villiagers and all of the other ninjas cheer for him. He'd just remember what Danddo said to his squard. Danddo said, "He was adopted the Fourth Hogake’s family. " Now Naruto knows that he's the son of the Fourth Hogake.
Tsunade retired from being Hogake and appointed Kakashi as Hogake and agreed to it. Kakashi retires for Hogake when Naruto Jouinin and Kakashi apointed Danddo has the Hogake. Kakashi went back to the ANBU. Tsunade went back to Nursing. Shizune stayed as the Hogake's helper. After Naruto's wedding few years later Jiraya die by old aged. Tsunade remarried to Danddo Seri. Tsunade and Danddo named their son after Tsunade's brother, Nawaki Seri.
After 9 months went by. Naruto and Shion had a baby daughter saw Saruka

Chapter 13

Danddo die in a big battle and his will was apointed Naruto as the Hogake. So they did. Tsunade kissed Naruto on his lips. Shion knocked Tsunade-sama outside of the door. So Tsunade-sama went back said, "You are a Spoiler Brat." Few months after that. Tsunade died. Couple years later Shizune dies.

In Naruto's House. Shion is making it family safe and comfortable as well. Ichiraku Ramen got renamed to Akimichi Ramen.

Ino took up Shizune spot. Ino came into Naruto-sama. I had some news. We just found out. Long list of your relatives.

THE List Reads:
Hizashi Seri-Son of Hinata and Danddo
Shiori Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Suzume
Shinju Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Sakura
Nawaki Seri-Son of Danddo and Tsunade
Mihio Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Temari
Keri Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Konan
Katsumi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kurenai
Kairi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Karin
Tzumi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Ino
Isamu Seri-Son of Danddo and Tsunami
Ianddo Seri-Son of Danddo and Ayame
Duki Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Fuki
Doki Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Toki
Dayamo-Daughter of Danddo and Ayamo
Dasuki Seri-Son of Danddo and Mikoto
Dandy Seri-Son of Danddo and Yoshino
Danny Seri-Son of Danddo and Decode woman
Dan-Son of Danddo and Shizune
Daisuke Seri-Son of Danddo and Tenten
Dana Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Tsume.
Asami Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Hana
Akiko Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Anko.
Anddo Seri-Son of Danddo and Kaori.
Dujaku Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kujaku.
Dushina Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kurshina.
That mite be not all of Danddo's Children.

Naruto said, "Where did you find it?" Ino said, "Kakashi brought to me." Naruto is thinking. Ino tell Kakashi Danddo's Kids are in his hands."

Sakura knocked on the door. Naruto said, "Come in." Sakura said, "We have a problem but it won't be easly." Naruto asked, "What is it Sakura-Chan?" Sakura said, "Danddo's children has the part of his jinchuuriki's seal marked. Shoin-sama and Your's have the seal marked." Naruto asked, "Is there anything else Wrong Sakura-Chan?" Sakura repiled, "Curse marks are show up on Hinata's and Sasuke's kids."

Under the hand of Kabuto is making the new rogues.
Itachi's and Konan's son Otachi Uchiha.
Pein's and Konan's daughter Ponan.
Zetsu and Konan's son Ketsu.
Deidara and Konan's daughter Keidara.
Sasori and Konan's son Sonan.
Tobi and Konan's daughter Kobi.
Hidan and Konan's son Kidan.
Kakuzu and Konan's daughter Kakonazu.
Kisame and Konan's son Kison.
Orochimaru and Konan's daughter Oroconaru.

Those ninjas thoughts created 10 new Mouryous.

Chapter 14

Mouryous are looking for the rogue ninjas that created them to become the most dangerous ninja in the ninja world sense
the legendry Tailed-Beasts. That's one reason that's why Rizendori Clan created the beasts. By just eating rogue ninjas. The beasts came more evil than their food.

Meanwhile at Konoha's Hogake's Mansion. Shion was in the Naruto's office. Naruto let Sasuke out of prison cause he's time was up. So Naruto place
him under his older sensei.

When Mouryou has a host. Shion's headaches starts to acted up. Now she's sees Mouryou's host/ress and the host/ress's parents. Naruto get the headaches. When Shion and Naruto combined their chakra to make the
gigantic rasengan to killed Mouryou. Naruto sees Orochimaru's face and Orochimaru's children.

In the sand village at night. A mysterious Female Ninja surprised Kazekage and kidnaped him. Temari, Baki and Kankurou said, "Not Again Geez!" Temari and Kankurou took off the mysterious Female Ninja's masked off. They just saw a pink hair. Temari said, "Sakura!"

Chapter 15
Mouryou Nation

Temari went over to Konoha. Naruto-sama yelled, "Naruto-sama, Sakura kidnaped Kazekage." Ino said, "How dare you coming in our village
say something awful like that about Sakura. Sure she'd had a big forehead." Naruto asked, "Temari-chan, did you get a good looked at this mysterious pink hair Female Ninja's face?"

Temari replied, "No I didn't! Back at Sand village Kankurou disguise his puppet in the image of his brother Gaara."

Naruto's headaches and at the same time Shion saw in a vision Oroconaru said, "I'm going after Naruto and Sasuke."
Temari asked, "What's wrong with them?" Ino said, "Every sense the Demon Country. The volcano Naruto made. Was with both of their chakra. They became as one."

The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja busted in and said, "Hogake-sama, Mouryous made a Mouryou Nation know they are now trying to take over the world by more force than every before. That's not all
the missing-ninjas also are joining their forces."

The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja looked at Temari and asked, " forgiveness me for what I have done. It was in your favor cause I'd found out that Mouryou Nation and Missing Ninjas first going take out all of the jinchuurikis and former jinchuurikis. Then they are going tp Brainwash Orochimaru's crusemarkes. Kabuto and Danzou is leading them to Konoha and Sand village." Temari said, "That's a good reason."

Naruto asked, "Do you have a village you live in?" The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja looked Naruto and said, "No. Hogake-sama. After my two husbands and my four babies died in the 9-tailed fox battle. I'd couldn't bare it anymore. So I became a Bounty Huntress." Naruto said, "Sorry to hear that. Anyway you are always welcome to live in this village."

Chapter 16
Mysterious Ninja's surprised

Mouryou attacked the Konoha. The Oroconaru looked at Naruto and said, "There you are Kyuubi." Naruto said, "You want Kyuubi. You can't handle it." Shion and Sakura said, "Yamato-sensei Naruto is going became the Kyuubi." Shion, Yamato and Naruto left the village into the woods where Naruto fought Gaara. So Naruto Transform into Kyuubi.
Sakura said, "Shion don't go." Shion replied, "Oroconaru had the power of Mouryou and I'm the only one to seal it away." Sakura said, "Go!"

At the woods. Mouryou said, "Kyuubi your mother is the...." Naruto said, "My Mother is dead and my dad is also dead." They fought and fought for weeks and weeks. Yamato set up a Kyuubi barrier around Naruto. When Kyuubi Naruto finished the fight. Oroconaru escaped from being arrested. Yamato contain Kyuubi's power inside of Naruto.

The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja found her old home is Naruto's old house. Naruto forgot to move some stuffs to the Hogake Mansion. The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja saw a picture of her husband with their baby Naruto. Naruto went into his old house and said, "What are you doing here?" The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja said, " Hogake-sama. I'd use to lived here with my kids and my husbands."
Naruto said, "Before I'd became Hogake I'd use to live here. That's my stuff. You are touching." The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja asked, "Hogake-sama, Forgive me for asking this. What is your full name?" Naruto asked, "Why do you want to know?"

The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja said, "On of my child's name is..."
Kakashi ran into Naruto's old home and said, "Naruto Uzumaki we got a problem." The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja heard the name Naruto Uzumaki and she'd was shocked. The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja hugged Naruto. Naruto has confused look on his face like why are you hugging me so tight looked.
Shion said, " Pink hair Female Freak get your dirty hands off of my husband now." The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja replied, "Can't I hugged my son?" Naruto, Shion and Kakashi was shocked. Naruto said, "My father was the Fourth Hogake and my adopted Uncle Danddo Seri was the Seven Hogake." Naruto looked at her and asked, "Who was your husband and what was his name? My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja answered, "You know him as the Fourth Hogake but I knew his real name before he'd became the Fourth Hogake. His name is Namikaze Minato. We name out child after one of Jiraya's characters in one of his books. We name him Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki."
Shion saw a vision that Oroconaru said, "I was trying to help you Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki." Shion hugged her mother in law and Naruto hugged his mom for the first time.

Naruto asked, "Mom what is your name?" The mysterious pink hair Female Ninja answered, " My name is Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto said, "Kakashi found out a list of Danddo Seri's kids."
Kakashi gave the list to Kushina.

THE List Reads:
Hizashi Seri-Son of Hinata and Danddo
Shiori Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Suzume
Shinju Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Sakura
Nawaki Seri-Son of Danddo and Tsunade
Mihio Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Temari
Keri Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Konan
Katsumi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kurenai
Kairi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Karin
Tzumi Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Ino
Isamu Seri-Son of Danddo and Tsunami
Ianddo Seri-Son of Danddo and Ayame
Duki Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Fuki
Doki Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Toki
Dayamo-Daughter of Danddo and Ayamo
Dasuki Seri-Son of Danddo and Mikoto
Dandy Seri-Son of Danddo and Yoshino
Danny Seri-Son of Danddo and Decode woman
Dan-Son of Danddo and Shizune
Daisuke Seri-Son of Danddo and Tenten
Dana Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Tsume.
Asami Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Hana
Akiko Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Anko.
Anddo Seri-Son of Danddo and Kaori.
Dujaku Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kujaku.
Dushina Seri-Daughter of Danddo and Kurshina.
That mite be not all of Danddo's Children.

After Kurshina read the list she said, "Danddo thought that I was dead after Minato's death." She was shocked how many kids he'd had with different women. Kurshina ran away cause how Danddo's face's remind her of the Minato's face.

Chapter 17
Saruka's Round up part I

Naruto said, "Saruka I'd want you to search for your lost cousins and I'd already sign you up for a team.
Saruka Uzumaki, Hasuke Uchiha & Sakara Haruno"
Hinata and Sasuke had son named and they named him, Hasuke Uchiha. Hasuke Uchiha is more like Hinata than Sasuke.
Sakura and Gaara had a daughter and they named her, Sakara Haruno. Sakara Haruno is more like Sakura than Gaara.
Shion and Naruto had a daughter and they named her, Saruka Uzumaki. Saruka Uzumaki is more like Naruto than Shion.
Hasuke Uchiha has a crush on Saruka Uzumaki. Sakara Haruno has a crush on Hasuke Uchiha.

Sai and Ino had a daughter and they name her Sino.
Neji and Tenten had son and they named him Nejten.
Rock Lee and Temari had a daughter and they named her Kemari Lee.
Kiba and Isaribi had son and they named him Isiba.
Kurenai and Shikamaru had a daughter and they named her Surenai. They also named Asuma's and Kurenai's son after Asuma but they just called him Asum.
Hagane Kotetsu and Shizune had son and they named him Koizune.
Ayame and Choji had a daughter and they named her Cayame.
Inuzuka Hana and Kamizuki Izumo had son and they named him Azuna.
Anko and Morino Ibiki had a daughter and they named her Abaka Morino.
Iruka and Suzume had son and they named him Isuz.

Some one was knock on the door and when the door opened. It was Captian Yamato said, "Some else wants to teach to lead these groups."
Naruto asked, "Who is it?" Kakashi came in and said, "Hey Naruto! Sorry I was late. It been a while," Naruto said, "Kakashi-sensai," ran up to Kakashi and hugged him. Kakashi said, "That's enough. Naruto. Even as Hogake. You still act like knockle head ninja."
Naruto said, "Kakashi cause I respect you more than anyone else. I'll let you pick the teams." Kakashi said, "I had few old friends want to help out." Sakura, Sasuke, Ino, Shino, Hinata, Kiba, Choji, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji.
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