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Death Note Page 105 - Fanfic


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Jan 20, 2006
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Here's a Fanfic of the next chapter that I ran across earlier this week. Thoughts anyone? I thought it was decent.

Page 01

Light: Hahahahaha
Light: Yes, I am Kira.
Light: You should be proud…
Light: …Near.

Page 02

Light: You’re the first person to catch me.
Matsuda: …
Light: Mikami, your intentions were good, but I value absolute obedience over assistance.

Light: But I will let you live.

Mikami thinking: …God !… You haven’t forsaken me..
SPK: ?!

Page 03

Death Note Page 105 Impossible
With his might in one hand and his pride in the other, he towers over the earth.

Page 04
Near thinking: “I will let you live”, is that even something that he can say in a situation like this?
Near thinking: …No, I haven’t made any mistakes, everything is in place.
Near thinking: I left myself no openings, even if he tries something….
Near thinking: Kira is done… Yagami Light is finished.
Near thinking: He has absolutely no merit to what he said.
Near: You are hardly in a position to say “I will let you live.”
SPK: …
NPA: …

Page 05
Light: Near, you need to reflect on what you just said.
Light: You are nothing but trash to me without Mello at your side.
Light: You should have looked deeper into why I chose Mikami as my servant.
Light: Yes, it’s true that he seems to be loyal to me in every way….
Light: …but almost everyone is loyal to their God.

Page 06
Light: Well, just like you gave me a clue, I’m sure you only need to hear one word to figure out what I’m talking about.
Near: …
SPK: …
Light: Shinigami.
NPA: …?
Near: …
Light: Ryuk, please explain to Near what a Shinigami does?
Ryuk: ?

Page 07
Ryuk: Sure. Although I don’t see the point in this.
Ryuk: A Shinigami lives off of the lifespan of humans.
Ryuk: Shinigami use the notebook to kill a human.
Near thinking: …that’s good to know, but what does that matter?…
Ryuk thinking: Why does Light want me to tell this to them?
Ryuk thinking: …This wont buy him much time
Light: Continue on Ryuk.

Page 08
Ryuk: By killing a human with the notebook, the Shinigami increases their life by the years the human would have had left to live.
Near: …
Near thinking: “Increases their lifespan” by killing a human….
Near thinking: Is he saying we’re cattle to Shinigami?
Near thinking: No, that is already too obvious…. He can’t be talking about something this Shinigami will do, is he?…
Near: Mr. Shinigami.
Ryuk: Yes?
Near: …Are you going to kill us?
NPA & SPK: !What!?

Page 09
Ryuk: hyuk hyuk hyuk
Ryuk: Nope, I have no intention of interfering.
Ryuk: Although I can, I don’t care enough about what’s happening to kill you guys.
Aizawa thinking: …That’s good… But why is Light mentioning this?…
Aizawa thinking: …Whatever the case, Light should not be able to do a thing…
Matsuda: Man, that’s good to know Ryuk.
Matsuda: So you’ve decided to go with us?
Ryuk: Matsuda, you’re an idiot, did you not just hear what I said?
Ryuk: I don’t care what happens to anyone. But if I were to kill anyone, you’d be the first.
Matsuda: …sorry…

Page 10
Light: Have you figured it out yet, Near?
Near thinking: …Another Shinigami?
Near thinking: … It can’t be…. Mikami couldn’t have a Shinigami…
Near thinking: There was only that notebook…
Near thinking: Plus, I thoroughly looked through Mikami’s background
Near thinking: There was no sign of him ever having a notebook… There must be more to this... he might be using this conversation to mask some sort of plan of his... I need to pay close attention to his hands,... just in case he tries to write something.
Near: No I haven’t, so please enlighten me.

Page 11
Light: Fuhahaha
SPK & NPA: ….
Light: I suppose it was a bit much of me to expect you to catch it, especially since it’s a lot easier to catch if you’ve used the notebook as long as I have.
Light: Mikami.
Mikami: !Yes God?!
Light: What happened to your Mother?
Mikami thinking: …My Mother?!…
Mikami: She died in a car accident when I was a child.

Page 12
Light: Who was she killed by?
Mikami: She was killed by the kids who use to bully me in school.
Mikami: They also died along with her.
Light: Were there anyone else involved in the accident?
Mikami: Yes, but they only had minor injuries.... God?!...

Page 13
Light: You were in over your head Near before all of this began.
Near thinking: …You can’t be serious?!…
Near: Mr. Mogi shoot Kira now before it’s too late.
Mogi: What?!
Near: Commander Rester, kill Mikami as well.
Rester: ?!
Near: Kill them now! Or they will escape!
Mogi: But…?
(Grabs Light and pulls out his gun)
Rester: Right now?!
Near: Yes!

Page 14
Mikami: God, I’m your servant always.
Rester: Good bye Mika….
Rester: Arrrrg!
(Rester hit’s the ground)
Near: Shoot them!
Gevanni: Com...
(Gevanni falls over on Mikami)
Mikami: Ah!
Light thinking: If Near had not said what would be done to us, he may have lived longer... but, as it stands... Mikami's Shinigami overheard his remarks about us being executed... I need to get underneath someone, that way I wont be shot.
Mogi: Light?!
Mogi: Arrrrg

Page 15
(Mogi falls on Light)
Mogi thinking: No…
(Light holds Mogi on his back and starts to move towards the door)
Aizawa: Shit… Light’s going to get away…!
Aizawa: Matsuda shoot him!
Aizawa thinking: ...damn it
(Aizawa falls over)
Matsuda: No Light! Don’t leave!
Matsuda: I don’t want you…
(Matsuda grabs his chest)
Matsuda: …to go
(Matsuda falls over)

Page 16
Near: Lidner, what are you doing?
Lidner: But...
(Lidner falls over)

Page 17
Near: Fuck!
Light: Looks like you’re done Near.
Near: Not yet…
(Near falls over)
Near thinking: No!….

Page 18
Near thinking: Kira…
Near thinking: ...this time…
Near thinking: …You’re... dead...
Near thinking: Mello... L... ...I didn’t act...

Page 19
(At a hole in the Shinigami's Realm)
(A Notebook is on top of a mound of dust)

Page 20
(Two Days Later)
(Computer screen clicks on at SPK's HQ)
Screen: Pi Pi Pi
Screen: Pi Pi
Screen: Pi
Screen: Piiiiiiiiiiip
Screen: ….
Screen: Transmission in progress...

Page 21
TV Screen: I am L.

End of Part 2


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Dec 30, 2005
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

Very nice, I really wish that it would end like this or something along these lines. I wouldnt have minded Light losing to L, but not to this wannabe. I hate near.


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Jan 28, 2006
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

Woah NICE! :smile-big so I'm not the only that absolutely HATE Near??

Dante Shamest

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Jan 29, 2006
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

Very well-written fanfic.

PixelGuy said:
so I'm not the only that absolutely HATE Near??
I hate him too. If anybody is to beat Light, it should have been L. I hope Light outwits Near somehow.


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Mar 14, 2006
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

Yea....i hope N dies too...or suffers...then die..!! ^^


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Apr 18, 2006
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

That would be awesome if this is how it really ended :p


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Jan 5, 2006
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Re: Page 105 - Fanfic

i dont think the mangaka wouldve used that, it would be pretty crap if light used the same plan twice, first time taking out L, second time taking out Near. its just not the kind of ending that would be applauded by Deathnote fans