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desjr's chapter 362 analysis


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Mar 16, 2007
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It's been awhile since I been able to do one of these.Since nobody has put 1 up yet I guess i'll do it.This will be a short review becuase I didnt find too many things to comment on.Anyways As the saying goes better late than never...

One can only imagine what he does with those tounges

1.Calm before the storm!
In the first few pages of the chapter we get an further explanation of Sasukes plan and what he would have done if his theory was wrong.Is this perhaps hinting at Sasuke having the Ms only time will tell.This sort of reminds me of the Gaara vs. Naruto fight were both of them were exhausted and had 1 attack left in them.I would also like to note that this battle has been very even throughout with each side getting the upperrhand.Deidara uses clay snakes out of desperation then Sasuke chidoris to counter.This move was smart by Deidara to 1 help deplete Sasukes chakra even further,then set uup for his eventual move,but we'll get to that later.

2.Someone hates the sharingan a little too much ! :tem

So right here we have to see Deidara just snap.He can't stand the fact that the sharingan doesn't see his art going to the lengths to specifically train against it.This all started because Itachi pwned him in there first encounter too.I wonder if had he been beat by Kisame instead he would be looking to go after suigetsu now because he is somewhat similar.I found it ridiculous why Deidara went after Sasuke anyways but I gues this gives an explanation to that ,granted a selfish one.

3.Art is a bang!
Well we all seen this coming.Self destruction time!I guess Deidara wants to leave like a real artist.Overall he was an insteresting character to me and I would say this is 1 of the better deaths in the manga.What will be really interesting is how Sauke and Tobi will escape his 1.10km is an insane distance to try to escape a bomb at point blank range(sasukes case) and its probably gonig to take a trump card from Sasuke or a rescue for him to survive this.Im sure tobi will use some technique to get out of there too.But anyways it was nice knowing you Deidara and in honor of you i'll repeat your favorite phrase.


Chapter rating: 4/5
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Mar 19, 2007
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